Best Crypto Exchanges With Low Fees

As crypto trading is gaining momentum showing big profits and returns, many people have started to engage with this activity and learn how to trade. Here we will talk about the safest place to buy a cryptocurrency and discuss things to consider when investing for the first time.

The critical thing for every trader is to find a credible and reliable platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency. A beginner may wonder what to look for when buying cryptocurrency. Here are the things to pay attention at:

· The fee policy of exchange must be as transparent as possible. Users should not face unpredictable commissions, and it always spoils the user experience. So before starting to work with an exchange, check out the fee policy.

· Find out, is it safe to buy cryptocurrency on an exchange? Check out what methods the exchange chooses to protect users against hacker attacks, how it stores clients’ investments, and what additional methods are to protect user accounts.

· The level of daily trade volume. The higher it is, the more users the exchange serves every day. Exchanges with high trade volume are trustworthy.

· The number of trading pairs. If you want to buy any particular crypto coin, check out if it is available in the exchange.

· Try if the exchange interface is easy to handle.

The most popular crypto platforms with low fee

WhiteBIT crypto exchange is one of the most often used platforms for crypto. Even though it is a young exchange, it has over 2 million users worldwide. The platform charges an average fee of 0,2%, and it does not matter what the size of the transaction. The exchange offers over 400 crypto pairs and the opportunity to use bank cards and buy digital coins with fiat currencies. Users should consider the bank’s fees as well. Monobank clients don’t pay extra fees for bank service. The platform offers staking when you buy and hold cryptocurrency and receive up to 30% rewards for it.

White BIT holds 96% of users’ investments offline and uses WAF to identify and block hacker attacks.

Binance is the best crypto platform with a wide variety of trading tools and an educational section. It charges the same average fee of 0,1% for every transaction.

The interface can be adjusted according to user experience, both for novice and advanced traders. Binance fees: 0.10% for spot trading, and 4.5% for debit card purchases. Over 500 trading pairs.