Believe It Or Not There Are 7 Horses Hidden In This Painting – Can You Spot Them All?

Artist Jim Warren certainly knows how to deliver when it comes to tasteful art and optical illusions. In his painting, “Horses in the Sunshine,” viewers not only have the pleasure of seeing impeccable artwork but are encouraged to find the seven horses hidden throughout the image.

Creativity and pure talent such as this are what draws people to Warren’s work. Take a moment to check out the image below. How many of the horses can you find? If you are stumped, take a peek at our explanation of where you can find them.
Begin on the left side of the painting. Two horses are hidden in the greenery that borders the picture. Of course, the most evident and captivating white stallion is found in the center of the painting in clear view. Check out the clouds on the left side and you will see yet another horse. 
Moving to the right of the canvas, notice a horse’s head. If you are having difficulty, locate the sunbeam that makes up the right eye of the horse. In the same area of greenery, you can just make out the shape of an upside down horse head. Finally, the waves beating up against the rocks on the beach appear like a horse running through the ocean. 
Jim Warren is an established artist that is known for his unique skill. Warren worked through the 1980s as an album cover painter. Through the 1990s, Warren focused his energy on painting celebrities and environmental works including the popular image, “Earth…Love it or Lose it.” By the early 2000s, Warren began collaborating with Disney to produce prints of popular characters.

How long did it take you to find the horses?