Because of One Facebook Post, They Lost Everything They Owned

There are many decisions that people who are in committed relationships need to make together. Among these decisions, where to live has to be one of the hardest, especially when factors such as family and work come into play. When British couple Mark Higgins and Becky Szenk had to make a decision such as this, they decided it was best to move closer to Mark’s place of work. However, they couldn’t find anyone to help them move.

So they decided to look for a reliable moving company on Facebook.

Before long, Becky came across a company that was owned by a man named Lee Green. The company profile looked professional, as did their website. She even spoke to Lee Green himself and decided that his was the company that she wanted to hire. She scheduled a day for Lee Green’s men to come and move them.

The day finally came, and Lee Green’s movers showed up to the house.

But this is when things started to get interesting.

Mark and Becky were quite impressed with how quickly and efficiently Lee Green’s movers worked, and within a matter of 45 minutes, they had packed their truck with all of the couple’s belongings. When Mark and Becky commented on how fast they completed the job, one of the movers explained that their day was filled with other jobs that they had to get to.

But as it turned out, that wasn’t the case at all…

The couple knew something was wrong when the movers didn’t arrive as planned at the pub that they own an hour later. As it turns out, Lee Green didn’t really exist, and his moving company was an scam aimed at stealing customer’s money and personal goods. Mark and Becky had lost all of their belongings in under an hour.

Mark, Becky and their baby were left with absolutely nothing.

The couple, who had just recently opened up their own pub called the Horse And Jockey, were hoping to turn their new business into a success. However, after being left with nothing, they have been forced to rely on the donations of others to try and get their life back. Though the couple appreciates all the help they’ve received from complete strangers, they still can’t replace the sentimental belongings that have been taken, such as their engagement rings.

But once everything is said and done, Mark and Becky walked away learning a very valuable lesson.

The internet can be a scary place, and things that may seem completely safe are often quite the opposite. Becky tried her best to find the most reliable moving service, and in the end, this resulted in the young family losing everything they owned. It just goes to show how careful you have to be with what you post to the internet, and what you take from it.