Baby Ostriches Slaughtered For ‘HERMES’ Luxury Bags

The recently released footage below, courtesy PETA investigators in South Africa, shows workers forcing terrified ostriches into stun boxes, then slitting their throats.

At one point a plant director even jokes, “I’ll call the animal welfare officer just now.”

While some viewers may find the video below graphic and disturbing, it’s important that the truth comes out – as these slaughterhouses supply ostrich skins to Hermès, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and other top European fashion houses. Additionally, feathers  (some of which are ripped out of the ostriches’ skin while they are fully conscious) from these slaughterhouse ostriches are used in costumes for the Moulin Rouge and festivals like Brazil’s Rio Carnival, as well as in feather dusters, boas, and accessories.