Australian Man’s Photographs of MEGA Chemtrails Goes Viral

A new chemtrail image captured by an Austrailian man called Ilya Katsman has gone viral showing clear evidence of a perfectly formed Chemtrail formation in the sky.

The image is undeniable proof that something is being sprayed from commercial airlines, and after the image was posted online, Katsman did not realize the implications the implications and outrage it would cause.

Katsman seems to be simply admiring the white stripes in the sky, not really knowing that it was in fact chemical trails being pumped from an aircraft.

Are these chemtrails or cloud formations? You decide. reports: However, once his photograph caught the attention of several people aware of the theory that commercial airlines, such as Virgin Australia – the airline Katsman was travelling on, are involved in pumping chemicals into the atmosphere for various nefarious purposes, he could be under no illusion about the significance of the images that he had posted.

Commentators suspicious of the purported chemtrial controversy said that Virgin Australia appeared to be glorifying their involvement in the deeply sinister program which many believe to be spreading disease and mind control agents throughout the general population.

Many people were so furious with Virgin’s conduct that they swore that they would never fly with the airline again. Sceptics have been on hand to dismiss the claims that this clearly depicts a chemtrial. Some people have suggested that the white stripes across the skyline are more likely to be a rare natural phenomenon which causes long and narrow cloud formations. Apparently, this incredibly unusual phenomenon is referred to as ‘Morning Glory’.

However, given the immense body of research concerning the propagation of chemtrials in the world’s atmosphere and the incredibly dangerous effects that the practice can have on the mental and physical health of ordinary citizens it is unlikely that this explanation will be considered good enough for many individuals who are still demanding answers from Virgin about the photograph.