Australia To Be The First Country To Receive Tidal Energy


Carnegie Wave Energy Limited is the ASX-listed inventor, owner and developer of the CETO wave energy technology. This technology not only converts ocean swell into zero-emission renewable power but creates fresh, desalinated freshwater at the same time!! The first of the Ceto 5 units will be commissioned at Garden Island in Western Australia. This is a hallmark achievement for renewable energy.

The device is a tethered bouy that stays below the waters surface to minimize chances of damage from storms and ships As the Water moves the bouy, it pressurizes the water which is un through hydro electric generators. The electricity is sent to a ‘subsea system’ that export the energy to land. Reverse osmosis is used on the water after it powers the generators, and sent to the land. The fact that all this happens with no emissions is astonishing.


While the CETO 5 can generate 240 kW, the CETO 6 can generate 1000kW. The company plans to use the sixth generation to power the island nation of Mauritus. (source) The video below explains more about the processes.