Artist Layers Resin and Acrylic To Make Psychedelic Tabletop

Bich Nguyen is a contemporary artist who combines resin and acrylic paint to produce devastatingly beautiful symphonies of color and dynamism. The way in which she layers her paintings gives each of her pieces a remarkable amount of depth as if they are multi-dimensional, topographical renderings rather than 2D paintings on canvas.

“Sometimes, I come to a painting with a general idea of which direction I want to go, other times I have no idea, however the paint always takes me on a journey that I can not plan, that is the beauty of it, normal life isn’t always like that,” she states on her site.

For her latest work, Nguyen took her acrylic alchemy from the canvas to the tabletop. Using a captivating array of rich opalescent purples, blues and aquamarines paired with her spellbinding textural techniques, Nguyen created a hypnotic dreamscape on a five-by-three-foot wooden panel. She then mounted the panel onto a set of glass legs to create a functional table of indescribable beauty. The painting was created using seven individual layers of paint, taking Nguyen a mere week to complete.