Arthritis Cure Found In Nature


Those who have rehumatoid arthritis generally experience an early aggravation when there is more pain. This is called an Herxheimer reaction and is a good thing as it shows the remedy is working, but they must persevere and in another 2 or 3 weeks all the pain and swelling and stiffness has gone. Then they revert to one tablet a day for a maintenance dose so that they can avoid any more arthritis.

Boron is a trace mineral that is vital for many functions in the body. It is found in soil, water, food, and in small amounts in the body.

In 1986 The Rheumatoid Disease Foundation received information on Boron and Arthritis from Rex E. Newnham, Ph.D., D.O., N.D. of Leeds, England.

Dr. Newnham demonstrated demographic evidence for the usefulness of Boron in treating or preventing Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.

“In countries where there are minimum amounts of available boron in the soil there is much more arthritis. In most developed countries there are about 20% of people with some musculo-skeletal disease, which is generally arthritis. In places where there is more than usual boron in the soil there is much less arthritis” Dr. Newman stated.

There is increasing evidence that boron is an essential trace element for both man and animal. It does influence calcium and magnesium metabolism, and this is possibly through the parathyroid gland. It does alleviate and seems to cure arthritis either by acting against whatever organism may cause Rheumatoid Diseases and/or as a membrane catalyst that permits repair of damaged cartilage and collagen.

Dr. Newnham’s hypothesis is making headway via physicians and vitamin research organizations. His Osteo-trace, B-Alive, or Bone Salts tablets have also helped the elderly, in Still’s Disease, Juvenile Arthritis, and Lupus, especially in its severe form of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.

“Fruits and vegetables are rich in boron, especially apples, pears, nuts, leafy vegetables and legumes. The average boron intake can vary greatly in individuals depending on their daily diet. Some have only 0.2 mg. per day, while vegetarians may consume up to 20 mg. of boron per day. Based on animal experiments, it seems reasonable that the human requirement for boron will be found to be near 1 to 2 mg. per day” states Dr. Newman.

In the last 15 years something over 500,000 people have used a boron food supplement tablet so as to get rid of their arthritis. They take 3 tablets a day while they have arthritis and in about 1 to 3 months they can get rid of all the pain, swelling and stiffness.

The American Human Nutrition Research Center has shown that a similar boron supplement will reduce the daily loss of calcium by nearly 50% and this would mean that victims of osteoporosis would live longer and be free of pain and discomfort.

Fruits and vegetables are the common foods which are rich in boron; honey is also a good source. But these foods should be organically grown. A good apple can have 20 mg boron, but an ordinary apple grown with fertilizer can have as little as 1 mg boron, or maybe less. The same applies to certain other fruits.

So it seems that the taking of boron should be the first thing to do to prevent or cure arthritis disease.


Arthritis Trust