Armed Iraq War Vet Walks Into Store And Sees Punk Beating Woman, Takes Immediate Action

Last Thursday, a man started beating a woman he had a relationship with in public at a Holland, Michigan convenience store. Because the man started getting more aggressive and agitated, someone called 911. But after that, the abuser continued to trounce her.

At that moment, an Iraq War veteran stepped into the store. He did not know that an act of violence was being committed against the woman. But he saw that 29-year-old Tramell Jackson was beating the 41-year-old woman who worked at the store.

The veteran, who had a permit to carry a weapon, drew his handgun and ordered Jackson to quit beating the woman. But the abuser refused to step down. He reached for his own weapon and that threat forced the Iraq War veteran to pull the trigger. He fired two shots into Jackson and defused the dangerous situation…

In the aftermath the 41-year-old victim was grateful to God for sending the veteran to her aid before her ex-boyfriend did something he could not undo…

Although the veteran had been in the right place at the right time, the victim thinks it was God’s handiwork. Because he had stepped into the store, armed, at the exact moment that her ex-boyfriend had become abusive, he could help. Their relationship had been abusive and on-again, off-again for some time.

“Any time I tried to break up with him and tell him I didn’t want to be with him anymore, that’s when he became physical and would attack me,” she said. “As long as he was happy, when we were together, I was safer.”

If the veteran had not showed up, the victim believes that Jackson would have finished her.

“God sent me an angel, because I know he would have killed me,” she said.

Jackson’s criminal record was extensive. It includes assault, resisting arrest, and destruction of property. An outstanding warrant had been out for his arrest concerning an abuse charge. The veteran had helped the police find him. Recently, Jackson had undergone a mental health evaluation, and afterwards, he allegedly logged on Facebook and posted, “So, I got evaluated today and the psychologist tells me I’m crazy…”

While Jackson was roughing up the victim at the store, the armed veteran happened to walk in. He immediately acted.

“Get off of her, leave her alone, and stop attacking her,” the vet had yelled.

“He stopped attacking me and started attacking the customer,” she added.

After the shooting, the victim has remained in contact with the Iraq War veteran. After rescuing her, he told the victim that when he looked into Jackson’s eyes, he saw something he hadn’t seen since the war. Hate.

“The look I saw in that guy’s eyes, I hadn’t seen since I was in Iraq,” the vet said, according to the victim.

Holland police are gathering evidence and plan to have the prosecutor file assault charges against Jackson. The veteran has been cleared and was acting in self-defense. But his gun has been confiscated and being held as evidence. Jackson is in critical condition at an area hospital.

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