Arkansas Government Kidnaps 7 Children, Searches Home of Family For Owning A Popular Mineral Supplement


The need to amend the Bill of Rights to protect medical freedom in America is now greater than ever. Yesterday, government thugs in Hot Springs, Arkansas raided and searched the home of a couple who were in possession of a simple mineral supplement called Miracle Mineral Solution.

Law enforcement officers of Garland County, Arkansas served a search warrant on the Stanley home — yes, possession of a legal, medicinal mineral supplement is now grounds for being searched by the government — where they took the family’s seven children by force.

“The investigation ended in the removal of seven children from their home in Garland County,” reports [1]

“The family has cried foul, saying only the father has taken it and it’s mostly used for purifying water for their garden.”

The latest victims of a medical police state

Hal and Michelle Stanley are just the latest victims of a police state gone wild, combined with total medical tyranny in America where children are routinely kidnapped by hospitals to exploit their bodies for medical profit.

As you might suspect, this is also a war against home schooling because the couple’s children are all being home schooled.

The Stanley family is not just into home schooling; they’re also into preparedness, natural medicine, home gardening and all the other essential life skills that the tyrannical government in America is trying to crush or outlaw.

How outrageous is this raid upon the Stanley home and the state seizure of the family’s children? Let’s consider the indisputable facts of this scenario:

Miracle Mineral Solution is not contraband. It is perfectly legal mineral supplement owned and used by millions of people, many who swear by its efficacy.

• There is no law in Arkansas or at the federal level which says someone cannot own MMS, yet this family is being treated as if they were heroin dealers.


Stanley family children being removed from home during the night because the father allegedly used an unapproved mineral supplement.

• Zero evidence of any child neglect or abuse has surfaced. The assumption that somehow because the father owns a bottle of MMS that he is therefore a bad parent is utterly without any factual or legal basis whatsoever.

• The Stanley parents are law-abiding citizens. The husband has “never even had a speeding ticket” according to the news.

• Arkansas law enforcement goons would be perfectly fine with walking into a home where parents were killing their children with doctor-ordered chemotherapy drips. If children are destroyed in the name of state-approved for-profit medicine, that’s always okay with the authorities. Where are all the raids on the homes of parents drugging their children with psychiatric drugs and chemo?

• The average store-bought brand of childrens’ vitamins contains far more harmful chemicals than anything you might find in MMS, including artificial coloring chemicals, toxic chemical sweeteners and chemical preservatives. Yet there are no search warrants being issued to barge into homes of families who possess Flintstone’s Vitamins for children. Or Disney’s Shrek-branded line of questionable supplements. No, law enforcement is used as a weapon to threaten and intimidate families who possess products that do not generate profits for the corporate cartels.

The criminalization of independent thinking and self-reliance

What you are really witnessing here is yet another example of a medically-ignorant police state society criminalizing self-reliance and independent thinking.

In a medical police state, you are not allowed to posses your own medicine, grow your own herbs or even support your own child’s health with nutritional therapies. Instead, the state dictates to everyone the rules they must obediently follow: poison your children with chemotherapy, drug your children with mind-altering psychiatric meds, feed your children processed factory-made junk food, inject your children with toxic mercury flu shots and don’t ever teach your children how to raise their own vegetables in a home garden.

These are the new edicts of a society run by the criminally insane. At nearly every level of government today, many of the people in power are enemies of everything America used to stand for: self-reliance, responsible parenting, local gardening and food redundancy, thoughtful education, the Bill of Rights and so on. Today, the government will quite literally show up at your front door, shove a gun in your face, and condemn you as a criminal for the mere possession of a simple liquid that kills bacteria. It won’t be long, no doubt, before people who possess colloidal silver will also be rounded up and have their children kidnapped by government thugs who live in total ignorance of the healing power of natural substances.

Saving seeds and growing oregano may soon land you in prison

What’s next? Will growing your own oregano herbs be criminalized, too? Oregano oil is a potent antibacterial that also cures food poisoning in minutes, similar to MMS. Will every family that possesses oregano oil or grows basil also be targeted by government goons?

Is the only “allowable” parenting now going to be based on feeding your children synthetic chemical vitamins, processed junk food and endless medications? Are home schoolers automatically assumed to be guilty because they don’t want their children indoctrinated by the same corrupt, ignorant system of abusive government that’s now conducting medical kidnappings of those same children?

These are not idle questions. These are questions that get to the very root of America and the idea of whether we live in a free society at all. If we are all now victims of a fascist medical police state that’s going to criminalize natural medicine, kidnap our children and poison everyone with chemotherapy and toxic mercury-laced inoculations, then hasn’t that very same system already admitted it has abandoned any delusional of “official authority” it claims to hold?

Any system that can steal away a family’s children because the father owned a legal mineral supplement can also justify almost any action it wants: The rounding up of “unpopular” thinkers, the arrest of home gardeners and the criminalization of any parent who says “NO!” to the orders of a doctor who is being routinely bribed by the pharmaceutical industry.

We are so far beyond anything resembling freedom in America today that this nation is almost certainly impossible to save at this point. It’s only going to unravel and ultimately collapse as the insanities reach a breaking point. It’s no longer a stretch to imagine local police forcing parents at gunpoint to present their children on the sidewalks so they can all be mass-injected with euthanasia chemicals as part of some bizarre “save the planet” “good citizen” initiative.

I remember years ago being called crazy when I predicted that garden seeds would be outlawed and that seed smuggling would become part of the American underground culture. And guess what? It’s already happened as seed saving banks all across the country are now realizing they’re being targeted for “criminal activities.” The European Union, history’s best example of a sickeningly corrupt, bureaucratically-obese monstrosity of stupid government, is now in the process of outlawing nearly all seeds and turning gardeners into criminals.

So if seeds are illegal, and mineral supplements are criminalized, and home gardening is outlawed, and the only things which are allowed to remain legal by the government are those things that contain poison — pharmaceuticals, processed foods, toxic personal care products, etc. — then it’s no wonder the minds of the masses are also poisoned to the point of toxic irrationality.

This system is insanity will end, of course. But not before it harms a great many more children and families in the process of collapsing.

My confession to law enforcement everywhere

Let this article be my official “confession” that I not only own MMS and colloidal silver, I have also — OMG! WTF! — used colloidal silver as natural medicine to spray wounded chickens in my back yard.

Yes, from time to time a free-range chicken gets torn up by something, or they get into fights or sometimes even the roosters get a little too aggressive. When a chicken is wounded (which fortunately doesn’t happen very often), I protect that chicken in a temporary healing nursery area, and I always spray the wound with colloidal silver first. This prevents infections and helps the chicken heal more quickly.

Will law enforcement now come arrest me for practicing veterinary medicine without a license, using a common mineral supplement on my backyard chickens? I have openly admitted to this “crime” of “treating” backyard chickens with a natural medicine in order to save their lives. Will the state of Texas now come serve a search warrant on my property and seize my chickens — none of which have ever been vaccinated — to force toxic chemical medicines upon them?

I kind of doubt it. Texas seems to have a lot more common sense than other states. Besides, they have far better things to do with their time such as arresting all the illegals who are driving on the Texas highways with no insurance and no drivers licenses.