Arizona Is Falling Apart – and Nobody Really Knows Why

As if it wasn’t already hard to live in Arizona, the sky is essentially falling on the Grand Canyon State. Huge slabs of rock are raining down from above, and no one is sure why.

Most mountainous areas put up a sign or two to warn people about falling rocks, but when the rocks are the size of five-story buildings, is that even going to help?

See this cracked slab?


It weighs around 500,000 pounds, and it’s 50 feet tall. The Bureau of Reclamation says that this is one of the biggest pieces of potential debris on record.

If it falls, it’ll hit Glen Canyon Dam.


This will knock out all electric and water utilities in the surrounding area.

Workers have tried drilling bolts into the stone to keep it from falling, but pieces keep breaking off.


The only other option is to evacuate.

This isn’t the only nefarious crack in Arizona’s geography.


In 2013, Luepp, Arizona experienced a fissure that was 500 feet deep and 900 feet long.

There a few possible explanations for the cracks.


One theory is that all of the ground water is being used to serve nearby cities, which loosened the stone. Another is that local mining has caused sinkholes to disturb the ground. Because sinkholes just need to ruin everything.

If this slab fell, it would further diminish what little shade hangs over this scorching area. Given the state of things out West this year, residents need all the help they can get as far as keeping things cool is concerned. This situation just throws a wrench in the gears.