Are People With Degrees Actually Smarter?

There is no right or wrong way to answer this question because there is a lot that goes into determining if a person is smart or not. So what exactly is smartness? You ever heard people say, “He’s book smart but not street smart”? If so, this should tell you just how diverse the word smart is.

This argument is not to convince you that people with college degrees are not smart. It is however meant to shed light on the meaning of smartness. According to the Cambridge dictionary a smart person is an individual who can think quickly and intellectually in different situations. The keyword here is different situations.

So to answer the question, people with college degrees are not smarter. One would also, smarter than who? Don’t you as students all use online writing help? Does turning to MyDissertationTeam or any other reliable online writing service take away from your smartness?

In the world of intellect, there is really no competition. Of course, you do examinations in college, and you’re graded from the person with the highest performance to the one with the lowest performance. However, don’t look at it as a competition. Did you know that it is quite possible to perform better than a person who is smarter than you? You probably have better memorizing power than them and for this reason, scored a higher grade.

Let’s look at the dynamics of smartness.

What determines a Person’s Smartness?

The dynamics of smartness are all over the place. Some say that intelligence is determined by genetics, while others believe that it is something you work on throughout the course of your life.

So what exactly makes a person smart? We will not deny the fact that having a college degree is a plus for anyone. Aside from having a chance at a professional career, society tends to respect you more if you have a college degree.

Many people tend to tiptoe around this subject because they think that a person does not influence how intelligent they are. I tend to disagree because there are very many cases of people who weren’t though to be smart in the beginning but turned out to be exactly what people thought they’d never amount to.

Take Ben Carson for instance? Everyone knows his legendary transition right? It took him a lot of self-belief and hard work but he did become smart. Today he’s a respected member of the public who can dare say he wants to run for president.

We cannot, however, deny the fact that intelligence is inherited to some degree. There are kids that you know are smart from the minute you interact with them. Children adopt their IQ at birth from their biological parents.

Why People with College Degrees are not Smarter

Majority of people with college degrees are smart. College exposes you to the knowledge that allows you to quickly and intellectually think of solutions in the moment. However, this does not mean that just because you have a college degree, you’re smarter than everyone else.

Specializing in one field does not make you the go-to person for every problem. People are smart in their unique way and saying college graduates are smarter is ill-advised.


The intelligence spectrum is wide enough to accommodate a wide range of intellectuals. Whether you’re book smart or street smart, you’re still intelligent.


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