Are Jews Genetic Descendants of The Biblical Israelites?

Some people contend that modern Jews do not have the blood of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in their veins.  They contend that modern Jews, whether in or out of the land of Israel have no genetic basis from which to claim that they are Jews, let alone the chosen descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Some say that since they are not true Jews then they are not descendants of those who were scattered across the globe ina.d.    70 then they cannot return to what they never really left, which is the land of Israel.  Is this true or just another effort to disinherit God’s ancient chosen people?

Do you think that Israelis are the descendants of the biblical Israelites? It’s a simple but provocative prompt — one which the videographer and man-on-the street interviewer Corey Gil-Shuster recently put to half a dozen Israelis.

Gil-Shuster, the man behind the “Ask Project,” interviewed an anti-Zionist Hasid, a woman from a West Bank settlement and a self-described atheist and uploaded their responses to YouTube last month. Their answers varied widely.

Gil-Shuster clarified in one interview that he was asking “genetically,” and also asked why it was that Jews from different parts of the world varied in appearance. “There was some fringe mixing but in general we are all descendants of the Israelites,” one woman said. “We can’t really tell,” another man said. “Because we don’t have DNA from an Israelite who died 2000 years ago.”

Another speaker said he had clear documentation of his own heritage.

“Look, in my family we have from Abraham our father all the way to me,” a Hasidic man said. “I have it written out.”

Gil-Shuster started conducting his series of street interviews to “show what average Israelis and Palestinians think about various issues.” Past prompts — also on controversial topics — have included “Should Israel annex the West Bank?” “What do you think of atheists?” and “Who is Jesus to you?”