Are Cats Spies Sent By Aliens

Could cats be alien spies?

There’s certainly something strange about domestic cats but could it be, as some people have begun to suggest, that household felines are spies sent by aliens to record the behavior and actions of human beings? While this all might seem a little far-fetched, there is quite a lot of strange evidence which seems to support this shocking conclusion.

If you hold a cat’s ears back and describe what you see, it is a perfect match to the classic “grey alien,” with its almond-shaped eyes, small mouth, and small nose.

The starting point of this theory goes all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians. Documented records and fossilized remains seem to suggest that it was in this ancient civilization at that the first domestic cat appeared. According to many of the people who lived in the society, cats were gifts from the gods, and they deserved to be treated as such. Ancient Egyptian law has some strict regulations concerning the treatment of cats and the punishment for killing one of them was death. In everyday life, cats were beloved by their owners, mourned as family members when they died even to the point that they were embalmed and mummified just as a human would be. There were special cat cemeteries along the edges of the Nile where they could be laid to rest. In addition to this, there was strong mythology relating to the cat goddess, Bastet, who was venerated as the goddess of joy and love.

Modern scientists have found themselves as stricken with awe when it comes to cats as the people of Ancient Egypt. This is because cats have a very distinct and baffling anatomy which has led some people into believe that they were constructed somewhere not on this Earth.

One of the most bizarre aspects of cat physiology is that no one knows how they can purr considering that they have no specific organ which allows for this action. The dominant theory at this current time is that cats have a rhythmic and repetitive neural oscillator located somewhere in their brain which triggers the laryngeal muscles causing them to vibrate at a rate of between 25 and 100 vibrations per second. This action causes the separation of the vocal cords which results in the purr. However, this is only a theory and scientists are still not even sure whether neural oscillation exists. Could it be that the purr of cats is triggered by a biological function not evident in terrestrial creatures?

Another unusual thing about cats is their extraordinary resilience in physically taxing situations. Perhaps the most amazing thing about the cat’s ability to survive is how a free-falling cat can land on its feet even after falling from a great height. According to Destin Sandlin, a mechanical engineer, and rocket tester, this extraordinary ability seems to defy the physical law of conservation of angular momentum. This led scientists working on space rockets to examine the free-fall of cats to perfect space telescope technology.

They found that cats in free-fall arch their backs, retract their legs and rotate their bodies along two separate rotational axes, allowing them to land unscathed. While this does not violate the law of physics per se, it is an incredible feat of dexterity one which humans cannot pull off without the use of very sophisticated technology. This has led some to suggest that cats have been programmed with this extraordinary ability by an advanced alien race.

While none of this might be definitive proof that cats are alien beings it is enough to convince people that cats are certainly among the most bizarre creatures on this planet.