Archaeologists Just Discovered Rare Artifact That Will Leave Jesus Doubters Feeling Dumb

Don’t you hate when you hear people using science to try to disprove Christianity and Jesus? The Bible is supposed to be taken on faith yet nonbelievers don’t seem to understand that vital piece of it.

But recently, a group of scientists have stumbled upon a piece of scientific evidence that undeniably validates the Christian God. What’s so great about this, besides the fact the scientists’ own weapon has been turned against them, is that now more people will be swayed to the right side since evidence can no longer be ignored.

So what did the archaeologists uncover? Actually a number of things! In the hopes of educating the nonbelievers out there, Robert Hutchinson, a scholar, has dedicated his career to finding items from the New Testament in Israel. He recently shared these findings in his book, “Searching for Jesus” that has been published for public consumption. And what he states there should combat those who disregard Jesus’ existence entirely…

At the top of the list, Hutchinson proudly shared the tomb of Jesus’ brother, James. This piece of archaeological proof that Jesus was the Son of God was identified back in 2002. Besides that proof, the ossuary of Caiaphas, which was discovered in 1990.

New Testament scholars verified the tombs. They are real. But skeptics somehow still deny them. Hutchinson was not shy to show how the accuracy of these as described in the Bible fits the found items perfectly.

“There were incredible discoveries that were being made in New Testament studies that were just revolutionary,” Hutchinson said.

“I found that nobody was talking about this in the media. They were still repeating theories about Jesus and the gospels that are a century old — the idea that Jesus was a deluded fanatic, an apocalyptic prophet who thought the world was going to end in his lifetime.”

Many people, including lots of Muslims, describe Jesus as a “good man.” But that definition falls short of what Jesus Christ actually said about himself, as recorded in John 14:6.

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

If we take Jesus’ own words as fact, he is the one true Lord.

But skeptics say that he could also be a liar, or a lunatic, akin to the beggars found on New York City subways claiming to be the messiah as the Christ had done. The difference? Jesus was the real deal.

And although Muslims admit grudgingly that Christ was a “good man,” they’re not offering a valid option of what he really is.

Here’s some more information about Hutchinson’s book “Searching for Jesus” according to

“Jesus was not an “apocalyptic prophet” who thought the world was about to end. Jesus was not a “zealot” revolutionary who wanted to kill the Romans. Jesus was not a Greek Cynic philosopher. Jesus was not an orthodox rabbi who accidentally got himself killed by causing a disturbance in the Temple. Jesus was not a world-hating Gnostic. Jesus was not a delusional fanatic who tricked his followers into following him.

“Instead, Jesus was just as the Gospels describe him: a fiery, courageous, charismatic populist who drew crowds by the tens of thousands and electrified all of Palestine with his strange and exhilarating announcement of God’s kingdom in their midst.”