Apparently The Queen Has A Top Secret Facebook Account

While I’m not privy to insider knowledge of the inner workings of the monarchy in England, I can only assume that they have a pretty great time when they aren’t attending their millionth public event of the day, opening a new sea-front hotel or turning on the lights at a Christmas event. Personally, I’m not sure my short attention span would stand me in very good stead for any of those pursuits, but I’m equally confident that I would enjoy the other aspects of being a royal.

I’d like being ultra-rich (literally as rich as the Queen), living in that fabulous palace with prime Central London location (as the real estate agent would describe it) and generally swanning around (sorry) the country as if I owned the place – because, in a manner of speaking, I would basically own the place.

Sure, it must be a bit of a pain to have the eyes of the world constantly boring into the back of your head, or else feverishly clutching your hand in adulation and over-excitement, but the benefits surely outweigh the drawbacks, especially since it has been reported that the Queen manages to enjoy quite the hi-tech lifestyle in her own super secure way.

According to the Daily Mail, the Queen, who enjoys a good old fashioned phone gossip, is not content with merely chatting away with her pals on the blower, but can now enjoy a distinctly 21st century form of communication, since she has her own top secret Facebook account.The Queen need not fear that her conversations are liable to intercept, either, as it is thought that she is the proud owner of one of the most sophisticated smartphones in existence, which is so secure it is thought to be entirely impregnable to hackers.

It seems highly unlikely that Her Majesty is going to run into that most modern-world of problems – a lack of phone battery – either, as it seems that her PA, Angela Kelly is tasked with keeping the device charged at all times; no need to borrow Prince Harry’s spare cable.It is further claimed that the Queen also owns a laptop and even an iPad, for all those Netflix binge sessions on long journeys (presumably). Her two favourite pals to chat to are apparently her daughter Princess Anne and John Warren, her horse racing expert (his house is Highclere Castle in Berkshire, AKA the real life Downton Abbey).

I don’t know about you, but I find it strangely reassuring that genuine, bonafide royalty is social-media savvy. If you ever start to castigate yourself for the endless hours you spend scrolling through Facebook, it is probably worth reminding yourself that the Queen of England could well be sitting in Buckingham palace doing exactly the same thing. Who knows, you might even be watching the same amusing dog-falling-over video. What a treat!