Anybody With High Blood Pressure Needs To Try This 15 Minute Hand Exercise

Did you know that 1 in 3 adults in America has high blood pressure? About 80% of those people know they have it. Out of that 80%, only 52% of those people have in under control? For the first 60 years, men have higher blood pressure. But after that, women’s blood pressure starts to rise.

But do you want to know the reasons you need to get checked for high blood pressure or get yours under control?

69% of people who have their first heart attack, 77% who have a first stroke, and 74% who have congestive heart failure have high blood pressure. So by keeping your blood pressure in check, you automatically lower your chances of heart problems by at least 70%. How awesome is that?

It sounds difficult. Honestly, it sounds really hard. All of those diet changes.  Cut your sodium, cut your caffeine intake, start watching which fats you’re consuming. All of these changes are hard, but a lot of high blood pressure can be controlled by diet changes and moderate exercise.


But what about people who can’t lower their blood pressure that way? What do they do?

There are lots of natural ways to lower your blood pressure. But most doctors will immediately prescribe a drug that contains statin. If your doctor does prescribe you with a statin, it is essential that you increase your intake of ubiquinone (CoQ10).

A good rule of thumb is that for every 1 mg. of statin, in whatever form, natural or patented pharmaceutical, you should be taking at least 10 mg. of CoQ10. Ubiquinone helps maintain the cardiovascular system, which in turn helps lower your blood pressure.

The Good News

But there’s been a new study, released and performed by McMaster University, that shows that people – all with hypertension and all on a statin type of medicine – can improve their blood pressure without diet or exercise changes at all.

The study involved squeezing a handgrip for 2 minutes at 30% maximum grip strength. After 4 minutes, the squeezing exercise was performed again for 2 minutes. They did this four times per session and sessions occurred once every other day. Their systolic pressure dropped

It involves getting a hand grip. You can find one at any sporting goods store. You want a grip that fits your hand and that you can squeeze with a mild amount of effort.

How to Do the Handgrip Exercise

  1. Hold the grip in your right hand, then squeeze it. Hold for at least five seconds, then release. Repeat as often as you can for at least 2 minutes, then rest for 2 minutes.
  2. Shift to your left hand and repeat the squeeze-and-hold pattern. Do this for at least two minutes.
  3. Continue with the process, until four complete sets are performed for each hand (for a total of 16 minutes of squeezing). As the exercise becomes much easier, try holding your contractions for an at least a few seconds more on each hand until strength is build up.