Anunnaki Might Have Hidden The Keys To The Universe In The First System of Mathematics

One of the ideas for how extraterrestrial beings might try to reach out to humans is through the universal language of mathematics.

The suggestion applies to the phenomenon of geometric crop circle formations when concepts from advanced mathematics and fractals mysteriously appearing in farmers’ fields.

What if advanced mathematics have similarly been hidden elsewhere, right before our noses in the first system of mathematics we still use today?

In 2010, a 300-foot pattern of lines and circles appeared in a field in Wiltshire, UK.

Crop circle researcher Lucy Pringle  found that it contained Euler’s Identity, a mathematical theorem that reads (e ^ ( i * Pi ) + 1 = 0).

The Independent noted that the equation is “widely thought to be the most beautiful and profound mathematical equation in the world.”

Of course, crop circles like this one have only ever been officially proven to come from sneaky human hoaxers.

Nevertheless, these humans, whatever their true intentions, might be onto something. If aliens want to communicate, it might be through math.

In the video below, Anonymous Official explores the idea that intelligent beings communicate with us through math.

Only this time, they suggest that perhaps the communication has been right under our noses, part of our daily way of life.

Each second, minute, hour, day, and so on ticking off on the clock was initially constructed using underlying math instilled with ancient wisdom.

Our daily lives are structured on the number 60, as in 60 minutes. A circular clock is 360 degrees around, or 30 times twelve.

In our units of measurement, the number 12 appears again and again: from inches in a foot, to months of the year, to their corresponding Zodiac signs, to the number of a dozen.

What are all these reoccurring numbers appearing, although we take them for granted? Where did it come from?

The first system of writing and math originated in ancient Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago. The civilization made dramatic leaps in mathematics and in writing.

They credited the information as knowledge from their gods, the Anunnaki, who came from the sky.

The math used so long ago was based around the numbers 12 and 60 and is still in use today.

Frequencies, Energy, And Vibrations

Mathematics can also be respresented as vibrations, in waves of light and the frequencies of sound.

  Nikola Tesla once said:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

If we look at vibrations, it was Pythagoras (ca. 569 BC – ca. 475 BC) who created the first documented tuning system for music based on numerical ratios of harmonic fifths, an ancient musical scale.

Although Pythagoras didn’t know it at the time, he tuned musical instruments to reach an ideal 432 hertz or cycles per second.

That vibration was the way ancient musical instruments were tuned, such as Tibetan Bowls though to deliver healing harmonic frequencies.

The Number 432

Across the globe, the Mayans created an inexplicably accurate calendar, taking into account the wobble of the planet to calculate twelve months of 2160 Earth years  to complete the circle.

Coincidentally, the diameter of the Moon is also 2160 miles across. The number 2160 divided by five is 432 and by six is 360, the degrees of a circle.

Meanwhile, the Sun is 864,000 miles across. Twice 432 is 864.

Another strange coincidence is the number of seconds in each day: 86400. Divided by two, that’s 432,000.

The number 186,624 represents the speed of light in miles per second. That’s precisely 432 squared.

As Anonymous asks:

“What is going on here? We have all these different things: Earth cycles, time and celestial measurements, geometry, and frequency. Yet they are all represented by the same numbers over and over again.”

Does it all go back to the mathematics that started it all in ancient Mesopotamia, with its standards of measurement? Is the number 432 a secret to decoding a higher understanding?

“It’s almost as if the Sky God visitors, who the Sumerians called the Annunaki, provided humanity with a counting system that would lead to the discovery of these synchronicities.”

“Could it be that the number 432 really is some kind of cosmic key that unlocked a language of higher understanding? And if so, have these sky visitors ever come back to make sure we don’t miss the importance of the 432 matrix?”

Last week, we posted an article about a pilot named George Van Tassel.

He calmly claimed to regularly meet with extraterrestrials who look like ordinary human beings in the 50s.

One of the things he learned from them was a mathematical equation that unlocked the means to time travel.

f =1/t, or frequency = 1/time

In this new video, Anonymous also looked at this equation. They inserted the number for One Great Year described by the Mayans, 25,920 years, in the place of the one. Then, the number 60 is inserted for time.

Once more, the number 432 emerges.

The number 432 emerges across the globe in India in the Hindu Kali Yuga, a measurement of 432,000 years.

We know that frequencies of sound have a direct effect on matter, as demonstrated in the science of cymatics and resonance experiments.

Particles arrange themselves in geometric shapes depending on interaction with sound waves of different frequencies.

Could The Frequency of 432 Hz Be Of Singular Importance?

Below is what 432 Hertz looks like when vibrating a drop of water:

The patterns are beautiful, but is there some deeper meaning that we are missing here?

Douglas Adams once joked about the number 42 in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

“The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42.”

Perhaps, as it turns out, he was one number off: