ANTIFA Professor Who Bragged About Teaching Future Dead Cops Complains About Receiving Threats

A New York professor and Antifa member who bragged that he was teaching “future dead cops” is now complaining about receiving violent threats.

Professor Michael Isaacson, who works in the economics department at the CUNY Manhattan college, tweeted, “Some of ya’ll might think it sucks being an anti-fascist teaching at John Jay College but I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops.”

After the tweet began attracting attention last week, Pat Lynch, the head of the NYC’s largest police union, wrote a letter to Karol Mason, president of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, demanding Isaacson’s “immediate dismissal”.

“Recent media reports have revealed Mr. Isaacson’s disgusting anti-police attitudes and his gleeful embrace of political violence, including violence against police officers, as expressed in his own social media postings,” Lynch wrote.

Despite his “gleeful embrace of violence,” Isaacson is now whining about violent threats he has received.

“Thread of some of the threats I’ve received,” tweeted Isaacson above a series of screenshots of death threats and other threats of violent assault.

While violent threats aimed against anyone are despicable, many will find it hard to have sympathy with Isaacson given that he literally appeared to celebrate the future murder of police officers.

Indeed, during his appearance on Tucker Carlson last week, Isaacson implicitly argued that violence is acceptable, so long as the victim has odious beliefs, a benchmark which is of course completely subjective.

Isaacson also appeared to be triggered by jokes about his weirdly long neck, tweeting, “Do these people think I actually care about these jokes about my neck? Like har har, you’re as clever as my elementary school classmates.”

Detectives’ Endowment Association president Michael Palladino said in a statement, “I don’t know the professor but based on his tweet he strikes me as a man of ignorance and arrogance with hate in his heart.”

That pretty much sums up the entire alt-left.

Isaacson has been placed on administrative leave as a result of his comments.