Anti Inflammatory Properties of Blueberries Can Control Blood Pressure


Aside from the perfect sweet and sour combination that it can give our taste buds, blueberries are also known to be antioxidants which are helpful against inflammation. Flavonoids and anthocyanins are two antioxidants that are acquired from consuming blueberries and they play a major role in high of activity  contribute antioxidative in a person’r body as they help precent systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In fact, it has been rumored that these antioxidants can do it better than pharmaceutical products out there.

The compound mainly responsible for releifing the blood pressure and is common to flavonoids and anthocyanins is pterostilbene. The compound is usually found in fruits under the berry family but the quantity is just more from blueberries. It can be compared to reservatrol which is present in the skin of the fruit except that pterostilbene has greater capabilities and is useful against cancer and diabetes.

There are also studies and research done by experts trying to discover more health benefits out of blueberries aside from its capability to control blood pressure, fight cancer cells and diabetes. Some of the research being done is to identify whether blueberries can protect against Alzheimer’s disease and other heart diseases. No wonder why a lot of people love blueberries these days.

The Power of Blueberries on Blood Pressure

In a recent study done by researchers at the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, it was concluded that by taking at least 20 grams of blueberry powder for 2 months straight resulted to reductions blood pressure bpth diastolic and systolic at 5.2% and 6.4% respectively. This only goes to show that blueberry has great potential. Dr. A. Archambeault of ACD even commented that several patients that were on antihypertensives saw a decrease of less than five percent in their blood pressure so it is a natural product that can may eventuallt prove to be better than other known drugs. With more research being done surrounding blueberries then it would be possible to create a very powerful medication in the future out of blueberry powder combined with additional antioxidants.

The positive effects of blueberry consumption can also be attributed to the increased level of nitric oxide in the specimen’s body from 9 micromoles up to 15 micromoles after 2 months. It is a known vasodilator that can help relax arteries and veins and stabilize blood pressure. Although there is no direct link if blueberries also contain a lot of nitric oxide, this angle should be developed soon.

The maximum potential of blueberries is yet to be determined but it has already been proven that it has positive effects on the function of arteries and that it can prevent the possibility of worst-case hypertension. Since the case of hypertension in America alone is very prevalent then advanced research that can help develop strategies and dietary modification that can help improve hypertension along with the complications associated with it should be warranted.

Growing Public Interest

Weeks ago, the Journal of Clinical Nutrition America published on their website that flavonoids from blueberries can indeed increase the endothelial functions and improve heart condition without having any solid evidence to back up their statements. Given that the organization is well trusted by Americans then it was automatic for the public to believe such statement even though it can still be considered as compelling. Endothelial function is a big factor towards blood pressure specifically after the menopausal stage. Dysfunction in this area can cause stiffness in arteries which can develop into other serious problems such as hypertension and cardiovascular issues.

In a separate study conducted by ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, they found out that there are hundreds of blueberry species in the areas of South and Central America. Some of these species contain more significant antioxidants compared to the regular blueberries that are being sold in the supermarkets. If these so-called super fruits are the ones that are going to be tested for the research that were mentioned above instead of regular blueberries then the results can be more promising given that more flavonoids and anthocyanins can be acquired from these fruits.

New Study Launched

A group of Florida researchers recruited 50 women for their 8-week experiment involving blueberries. Half of the participants had just a cup blueberries which were fresh included in their diet while the others stuck with their regular diet without any intake of blueberries. The results clearly showed a significant decrease in blood pressure of the people who had a blueberry diet while the others were able to maintain or worse suffered from high blood pressure during the 8 weeks.

This study only cemented that blueberries alone has a significant impact towards blood pressure if used as a added dietary component. Pharmaceutical companies should now be open to using blueberry powder as the main ingredient to create medication or supplements that can help maintain healthy blood pressure and as well as boost cardiovascular health. The fruit has already been proven after multiple studies and a little more push will further cement it as the ultimate remedy for blood pressure issues.


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