Another Doctor Found Dead, Gunshot Wound To Head


by Erin Elizabeth

Lisa Riley  DO (Doctor of Osteopathic), from Lee County Georgia, was found dead with a gunshot wound to her head.  She was an emergency room physician at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in the state of Georgia. She was only 34. Besides being an Osteopath, I have no idea if she had any holistic or “alternative” training or beliefs. Our heart goes out to her family and loved ones. Husband called it into 911, husband had been charged with attempted murder before but it was determined he was framed and charges dropped (see links at bottom for that story)

It’s so hard for me breaking these stories as I feel for the friends .family and loved ones.  I also have been with a well know outspoken Doctor of Osteopath myself for the last 6 years. We knew some of these doctors and it’s beyond tragic.

We are sorry to announce this news and that brings the total to 9 doctors missing or found dead in less than a month. We have Dr. Bradstreet (who was also residing in Georgia but had previously been in Florida) who was found with a gunshot wound to his chest.  Dr. Bradstreet was an outspoken alternative MD well known in the Autism community. He’d helped many autistic children including his own child and was loved by many. It brought me no joy to break that story as I  knew him and had many friends in common with this great man.  Then Dr. Hedendal DC PhD (Harvard) found slumped over in his car. Though there was no accident. He’d come from an athletic event and was in perfect shape. He also had a radio show about anti aging and said in it he expected to live well beyond the average age of death for me (in their 70’s) He was only in his mid 60’s and very fit and healthy as his personal friends have told me as well as someone who worked in his office. Again, it was very sad to break that story, and like Dr. Bradstreet, I waited to do so until it was publicly announced by the family or funeral homes online.  His photos show a toned physique of an athlete.   The third is Dr. Teresa Sievers who, just days ago, was found murdered in her home in Bonita Springs Florida.  It brought me no joy to break the story about all three alternative doctors found dead in less than two weeks. It was also tough to announce that we also have 5 doctors gone missing in less than a month.

The past 3 were all prominent outspoken doctors. We do not know at this time whether Dr. Riley was or not at this time.

Dr. Sievers’ case (the last to be found dead before Dr Riley) still has not been solved. In fact, the Sheriff who is leading the investigation said publicly (which has been in mainstream news) that she was definitely targeted. He also said that when the whole story comes out with all the intricacies that “books and movies will be made about her murder” as it’s such a huge story. We have no idea what that means nor proof that it is connected with the other deaths or 5 missing doctors all in a short span of time.