Anonymous Is Building A Site To Kill Facebook

anon (1)

This loosely associated international network of activists and hacktivists known by the name of “Anonymous” have this time sworn to take on Facebook by backing up a new social networking site namely

This Anonymous backed social network promises to provide utmost privacy, security and transparency in the promotion of posts.

Although seems to be a homozygote twin of all other social networks in terms of features like updating, promoting and commenting on posts but what makes the difference here is that isn’t interesting in making money from the data but instead they encrypt your messages so that you are never bothered by either advertisers or Governments.

It doesn’t stop here, another big difference between this social network site and Facebook is that instead of asking for money from you, it provides users with rewards which are basically points. You earn points every time you post, comment and upload on this site. Although these points won’t earn you the real cash but these can be used to promote your posts at a higher viewing rate. Thus is using a different algorithm to take on Facebook.

You must have already got the idea about the working of this website but let us break it into pieces for you. This rewarding mechanism employed by is indeed rewarding you, not the money but something that you would have to pay for when it comes to Facebook.  In order to promote posts on Facebook, they need the money but in this case you are being rewarded for doing the same thing i.e. you get to promote posts forfree if you have earned enough points.

This all new social networking platform is ready to rock your boat with its ready to go mobile as well asdesktop apps. However this Anonymous backed techy group has made their platform an open source one so that any latest up gradations and features can be introduced by any coder.

You might be already aware with “ART of Revolution”- An anonymous based page with more than a million followers have initiated their support for by stating the following message for general public.  “Let us collaborate to help build and other open-source, encrypted networks to co-create a top site of the people, by the people and for the people”.

No matter how interactive and user friendly a social network gets, it only remains as good as its user base. Imagine Facebook without its faces or twitter without its tweet birds, and therefore also needs its minds in order to interact for sustenance and successful survival of this platform.  The more social feature oriented a platform is, more followers its going to get but social networking is only there in order to connectfriends and family together, what good is of a social platform with any social activity going on it.

This is the part where is apparently going to suffer and taking down Facebook isn’t going to be a piece of cake. Facebook being the worlds largest social networking platform has got all the power in the world which can make disappear unless is on some hoodoo.