Animal Rescue Pictures Guaranteed To Make You Cry

It can be a real tear-jerker when you see someone risk their life to save that of an animal. Some may pass by and think that someone else will take care of it or that is it “just some animal”, but these people saw it for the living being that deserved a second chance.

1. No Animal Left Behind

This is a picture of a rescue taking place during Hurricane Katrina. This rescue worker risked his life to make sure that this cat was not left behind and would be safe from the destruction that this horrible event caused. He did not seem to think twice about this endeavor, making him a true hero.

2. We’ve Got You Dogs

Between local volunteers and the United States Coast Guard, among other people that came in to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, they made sure that every living being was brought to safety. This is a harrowing picture of two dogs that are in need of help and a boat full of people who are up to the task.

3. When Oil Spills Happen

When the BP oil spill took place on the Gulf Coast, there was a lot of wildlife that was affected by this tragedy. Workers went out to rescue the wildlife that they could while others gave the animals baths to remove all of the oil that was harmful to them. They all work tirelessly to save everyone that they could.

4. Animals Count Too

This is a picture from Fukushima, where an earthquake ravaged this location. Many rescuers braved areas that were considered to be radiation zones to rescue all living creatures left behind, including the pets. This worker is carrying two adorable dogs were left behind after this unspeakable disasters.

5. Animals are More than Just Pets

When you think about your pet, you consider them as a member of your family and not just a furry pet for your amusement. Imagine the fear that would happen if a tragedy struck and your animal was lost. Rescue workers even go back for your pets, and this is a picture of some of those pets that were successfully rescued after the horrific event of Hurricane Sandy.

6. The Brave Heroes Deserve So Much Credit

Tornados are such devastating events. Much like every other natural disaster like this, animals can go missing and need to be rescued as they are quite vulnerable in instances like this. This is a rescue worker who bravely rescued a cat and is trying to get it to safety. These heroes don’t do it for the recognition; they do it because it is the right thing to do.

7. Wild Animals Need Help Sometimes Too

This rescue worker brave the sometimes very vicious koala bear to give it some much needed water to prevent it from becoming dehydrated. The koala seems very grateful for the help and pictures like this help to restore your faith in humanity.

8. Children Can be Heroes Too

This child did not seem to think twice when he went in to save that small little puppy. This child has no fear and will have a future in being a hero because he has already mastered the selflessness that it requires at such a young age.

9. The Little Forever Puppy

During Hurricane Sandy, much like during any big disaster, many animals were displaced and needed to be relocated so that they could be returned to their owners or just returned to safety. No creature is too big or too small to be saved in times of need.

10. The Army is Not Just There for Humans

This is a member of the Army who also happens to be a veterinarian. Even the animals need protection and this brave soldier can be seen here helping out a little animal that is in need of medical attention.

11. Sometimes it Requires Teamwork

These kids saw a dog in need of help and worked together to save the poor dog. They did not seem to even flinch and planned out the best way to accomplish this goal while trying to make sure that they stay as safe as possible.

12. A Basket Full of Kitties

This amazing human being saw some small kittens in need and braved the flooded area to make sure that they got to safety. He seems focused on his task of saving these small creatures as they look over the basket both full of fear and curiosity.

13. Hold Me, Human

This is a rescue effort that had taken place in Serbia after a flood. This dog seems very grateful to be rescued and is clinging on as best as he can to his hero. People are not the only ones who need help in times of need and often times their pets are among the most vulnerable.

14. The River Rescue

Sometimes dogs end up in the river or lakes and are unable to save themselves. Luckily rescue crews are there to help and will unflinchingly help animals who are in need.

15. Save the Whales

This large group of volunteers saw that there were beached whales and they immediately jumped in to help in any way that they possibly could. This includes ensuring that they stay as wet as possible while trying to get them into trucks to get them back into the ocean in a safer location.

16.  Even During Wartime

These are soldiers from World War II that took time out of defending their country to help this baby goat during its time of need.

17. A Lost Dog

During an earthquake in Japan, these volunteers helped a dog that they found who was lost and needed to be rescued. These kind people are even comforting the dog in need.

18. A Dolphin in Need

This team at Sea World took action when they noticed that there was a dolphin that needed their help.

19. The Human Society

The Human Society is a large organization that dedicates their time and resources solely to helping out animals in need. They rely heavily on donations and volunteers who were more than ready to go out and help animals who are in need.

20. The ASPCA

The ASPCA is always there to help animals in need from all types of situations though they primarily tend to animals that have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. This is another organization that relies on donations and selfless volunteers ready to help when needed.

21. You Can Always Count on the Fireman

Sometimes, quite tragically, animals can get lost in the commotion that takes place after a fire. This fireman was happy to help a dog in need during this awful time for his family.