Angry Mother Destroys Common Core By Writing This On Her Son’s Test

One of the central tenets of the progressive agenda to create a “perfect” government controlled society is indoctrinating children to be supporters of big government through the education system.

The ultimate goal is to have every aspect of a child’s education dictated by the state, with curriculum and learning environment all selectively chosen to “brainwash” kids into loving and depending on the government, freely giving away their individual rights and liberties without a fight.

President Obama has taken the first steps to take the principles of such a view and make them reality with the creation and implementation of Common Core educational standards, which has opened the door for the possibility of a national school curriculum chosen by big government.

Students across the country have been vexed by the new standards, particularly in the area of math, which takes simple mathematical procedures for solving basic equations and turns them into problems that couldn’t be solved by a NASA rocket scientist. Children have been reportedly coming home in tears, begging not to back to school because of Common Core.

Thankfully, parents are stepping up and getting involved, snapping back at teachers and schools implementing the nonsensical standards. One angry mother expressed her thoughts on Common Core by writing an epic dismantling of the logic the standards require kids to use when solving basic math problems, and the picture of her comment has gone viral.



While many states have already implemented Common Core, others have decided to reject the standards, even foregoing additional funding that Obama bribed them with in order to keep the federal government from growing more intrusively into the education system.

Barack Obama and other progressives will do anything to usurp authority away from parents to gain control over the future generations of America, as is evidenced not only by Common Core, but by Michelle Obama’s ridiculous lunch rules program.

It’s not the government’s job to decide what kind of education is best for each individual child in the country. That is the responsibility of parents and local communities.

Hopefully more states will wake up to the reality that Common Core is bad news and will join the movement to oppose it and work toward preventing the government from turning kids into lifeless government loving drones.