Secret Illuminati Sex List Made By Angelina Jolie Leaked

We can’t confirm that the female in the video is actually Angelina Jolie. Although there certainly is a resemblance the video itself is old.

However, that doesn’t mean that the video isn’t authentic. Given Jolie’s meteoric rise to fame and the way she has been lionised by both Hollywood and by politicians and bodies like the United Nations and Council on Foreign Relations, all of which may be part of the payoff.

Angelina Jolie has also been appointed a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II for her campaign to end sexual violence. Put that together with her work as a UNHCR Ambassador and you might think that she was being groomed for a prominent political role, a part that she has admitted she would be open to.

All of which means that if Angelina Jolie assumes a more potent political post, she will probably owe her power and position to much darker forces.

This 1970’s documentary on Illuminati sacrifice rituals is worth watching


In her video tape Jolie describes how celebrities have to go through a ritual that includes being tied, raped and tortured by other Illuminati members before they become part of the sect.

She also recalls killing a snake as a sacrifice and that she’d been tattooed as part of the initiation ritual.

It’s known that many Illuminati members have tattoos as in this way they give their blood to the Satan.

It’s been long speculated that Hollywood A-list actors and many other celebrities have to become Illuminati members in order to have successful careers, and Angelina confessed to having encouraged other celebrities to go through the initiation ritual. A number of sources suggest that the actress took part in the notorious Hollywood orgies.

The new ‘sex list’ was released by the same source that released the tape last month.