Ancient Egyptians Pregnancy Test


You might not believe it but it’s true. Some how thousands of years ago these clever people had not only figured out a natural cure for almost every condition out their via mixing herbs, spices, foods etc but they also seem to have cracked the home pregnancy test.

The technique is extremely simple. They put wheat and barley seeds in a cup, the woman in question would then urinate on the seeds, cover it with a cloth and check back the next day. If the seeds sprouted she is pregnant and if they didn’t she isn’t. They even said they could tell whether it was a boy or girl depending on if it was the majority of barley or wheat that sprouted. Researchers tested this back in the 60′s and found it to be 70% accurate. That seems to be about the same accuracy as the modern ones, especially the cheap ones. The ancient pregnancy test works on the same principle as that of a modern pregnancy test, looking for chemical change only present in pregnant women. So there you go. This should save you some money. We have much to learn from the ancient Egyptians and their natural medicine. We plan on writing much more about their sacred knowledge soon, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading. If you wish to learn more about pregnancy tests from the past check out this video below.