An Inconceivable Incident Happened To This Couple After Being Together For 70 Years

A man was made to have a partner. Hence it is a beautiful experience to meet someone you connect with on a higher level than just friendship goals. Some people meet their soulmates at a very young age just like Leonard and Hazel Cherry. They actually met 70 years ago when they were still in high school. They stayed in adjacent states but it did not stop them from being together and very soon they fell deeply in love.

The Very Start

The couple was so in love that it had everyone root for them even at a very early age. They remained inseparable and got married in 1942. They are indeed #couplegoals as they spent every waking hour of most of their 70 years of marriage mostly together. It was clear that Leonard and Hazel were meant to be and that their partnership was something only others could hope for.

Together As One

Since early on in their relationship, the couple did not seek individual success or growth, rather they wanted to tighten their bond between them. They were clear that for their marriage to work, they would need common goals in life. Since they knew that time is limited in life, their priority was to make the most of what they had together as a loving couple.

Then WWII Happened

The cute couple spent majority of their time together and was only ever separated when they had to join in the action of WWII. Leonard joined the Army Air Corps to defend his motherland and now they were not even sure if he would ever return again. Many people had to leave behind their families with no assurance of ever returning and Leonard knew his fate was similar.

Being A Bomber Pilot

Leonard was given the position of a bomber pilot that is clearly a very dangerous job. He was good at it and pretty soon got to train young pilots a well. He knew his country needed him so he did his absolute best to try and serve his nation during the war. Hazel was at home, waiting patiently for her dear husband that was flying all over to defend America, again showing they are literal couple goals yet again.

In The Air Force

Leonard joined the United States Army Air Corps, which was affiliated with the Air Forces until 1947. Later the United States Air Force was established. His station was at the Carswell Army Air Corps Base in Fort Worth during his world war 2 battle. He played the role of an active B-24 Bomber Pilot. Many navy headquarters have now used up this base.

The War Ends

In April 1945, the war ended leaving many soldiers celebrating the fact that they could now return home. However, Leonard had a very different case. Even after winning the war, he had to train pilots to fly a B-29 Bomber to help invade Japan, for the destruction of their war industry. The War was officially over as the leaders had signed the treaties so he did not have to be at the world war 2 location anymore.

Their Beloved Son

The cute couple decided that it was high time they started a family of their own when Leonard reached home. The timing was perfect and so they started expanding the family. They had always been very good with kids and were always talking about having kids of their own someday. Their wish came true as their first born son David was born.

Moving To Fort Worth, Texas

The family needed to change things up a bit and left for Fort Worth, Texas. One thing they were certain about was that they never wanted to be apart again and that they needed to be financially stable to raise their kid well showing us yet again that their marriage relationship is goals. They knew they wanted to have a business of their own but could not pick what kind just yet…

Opening Cherry Hill

Leonard had been extensively trained in many spheres while he served in the army. He knew he could make good use of his abilities and knowledge about machinery. They soon opened up Cherry Hill, which was a repair shop. As they were efficient and hard-working, their business bloomed quicker than expected.

When Success Follows

They proved that they are goals for a healthy relationship as Leonard was excellent with the handy work and the cars while Hazel excelled in handling the customers and figures. Everyone in town wanted to get their repairs done in Cherry Hill.  They followed up with this business till 1980. They felt ready to go on a new venture with much anxiety and nerves.

In Woodway, Texas

After closing their business, they expressed a common goal in life deciding that it was time to shift to a much calmer set-up having. They decided on Woodway, Texas. David grew up and had a family of his own, giving Leonard and Hazel grand-kids to spoil. Their new life was more than they could ever ask for as everything was going smoothly.

Family Quality Time

David’s family could tell that spending time together was a priority with Hazel and Leonard, so they did just that. Since the couple was so good to each other, even at an old age, they inspired the younger kids to want to be like them. They stayed in the quiet town with friends and family that loved them very much.

A Busy Life

The two of them could never stay still as they always needed to do some work. Leonard was a man of God and was a proud chair of the Board of Deacons at North Ft. Worth Baptist Church. He even held the position of a Sunday school teacher there in church. He loved to play gold and build furniture when he had free time.

No Fights

David has spoken about his parents in an interview saying,“They never really spent a day apart unless it was a family emergency or something. And I never heard a cross word between them. I never heard them raise their voices to each other unless they were calling across the yard. They didn’t fight!” He certainly proves that his parent’s love life was goals for a married couple and a healthy relationship.

Family Comes First

Even their grand-kids loved Leonard and Hazel. Leonard has never even missed a basketball game of his grandson’s.  They were excellent parents so it is no surprise they made even better grandparents. David also said,The kids just adored my parents, they had such a special relationship, they were so close and came to all of their school events”. Then something happened.

Leonard’s Dementia

The whole family was absolutely distraught to hear that the head of their family was diagnosed with dementia. Dementia is a disease that slows down the brain and causes problems in the person’s ability to remember. In serious cases, some people do not remember anything that has experienced. Hazel knew it would be a challenge but remained positive no matter what.

A Drastic Change

Leonard’s memory was indeed failing but his consciousness was not, and that gave Hazel a sigh of relief. There have been 46 million people affected with dementia and are usually diagnosed at a very old age. Imagine losing all of the good memories that you have shared with someone you have known all your life. The best thing is to stay close to a dementia care facility.

A Need For Help

Leonard had to eventually be shifted to a dementia nursing home in Waco, Texas. Hazel was very fearful of the fact that the two of them may not be able to meet each other every day. After seeing each other every day for their whole married life, it was hard for her to see her husband like this as you could imagine. She felt helpless and lonely.

Visiting Him Daily

Hazel was there for all of the steps involving Leonard’s dementia care. She would ask endless questions and was always there at every appointment with the doctor. She wished to be able to help her husband but soon learned that she needed to accept that nothing she could do would heal him. But still, Hazel did not lose hope and was continually fighting for Leonard.

She Moved In

She spoke to the authorities of the facility and managed to let them stay in the same building to be closer to Leonard. She felt joy in being able to assist the people caring for dementia patients and also cutting off the distance in between she and her husband. She would rather stay near his side than be away from him, telling him to be strong while holding onto him every day.

An Unexpected Death

Hazel died in October 2016 at an age of 93 years at the dementia home. The entire family was stunned because she never showed any signs of weakness or illness. One random day she was not quite feeling like herself, and could not get out of the bed. David’s daughter was busy chatting with her grandma when suddenly Hazel lost her grip and passed away.

To Be Reunited

The facility did not report what had happened to Leonard but his caretaker revealed that he was behaving rather strangely that day, that he was having heavy breaths and remained very restless. The family was confident that he felt her passing, leading him to pass on as well because without her life was meaningless. Hopefully, they are both in heaven, happy to be united once again after staying miserably at the Alzheimer’s facility.