An HIV-Positive Man Stood On The Streets With A Sign Asking People To Touch Him


If you don’t have HIV/AIDS , you will never be able to understand the daily struggles that these individuals go through. Ever since the epidemic began in the 1980’s, there has been a worldwide fear of contracting the virus. Originally, it was not known how you actually got HIV/AIDS, but now the science has progressed to the point that individuals who test positive can live long and normal lives with the help of modern medicine. There is still a stigma attached to the virus, however, although it cannot be contract through means like touch.

Many people contract HIV/AIDS through sexual contact, but you cannot get it from just being around someone who is infected. You must come into contact with certain bodily fluids from the infected individual and even then you do not have a 100% chance of getting the virus. Regardless of these facts, people still fear coming into contact with HIV-positive individuals. You do not need to run to your local health department for STD testing after you touch someone with HIV.

A man in Finland recently put these fears to the test and put up a sign in a park which simply stated, “I am HIV-positive. Touch me!”

Janne waited and soon individuals began touching his hands, patting him on the back and giving him hugs. It is clear to see that he is overwhelmed by the acceptance these people are showing him after years of feeling like an outsider. The best moment is when a mother stops pushing her stroller, explains the situation to her children and has them watch as she goes over to Janne and hugs him.

Watch the video to see the amazing residents of Helsinki embracing Janne and allowing him to finally feel accepted. Then, SHARE the video with your friends to gauge their reactions.