An Entire Medieval Town Is Hidden Behind This Giant Rock

Yes, an entire Medival town is hidden behind this giant rock. Monemvasia is a Greek town that was invaded around 375 AD due to the earthquake. During the earthquake, this stone was separated and its existence was lost. It was an important trading port in ancient time and had a population of 40,000 people.

Today, this town is turned into abandoned place with ruin churches that are now being replaced by hotels.

Monemvasia was a trading port for hundreds of years in modern Greece.

This rock was separated in an earthquake in 375 AD from the mainland.
The top of the rock fortress was first built in 583.
It was an important trading center in the middle ages.
There are also some churches which are totally ruined.

For 200 years, Monemvasia was part of the Byzantine Empire. Many churches of that time are now abandoned.

At the high point of the rock, it has the church of Agia Sofia.

The church still maintains a better shape than any other churches present there.

A man depicts the Monemvasia’s Italian version Malvasia.

The town was on the rock’s high plateau, but later it spread across the downhill too.
When it was the major trading center, it was supported by 40,000 people.

In 1400, it was a hiding place for many pirates.

It started waning in the 1770s.

Until the Greek War of Independence in 1821, the Ottomans ruled Monemvasia. The word Monemvasia was formed up of two Greek words that mean ‘single entrance’. The town had only one entrance in 1971 when it was connected to the mainland. For now, the ancient buildings are changed into the boutique hotels.


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