Aliens Caught On Tape – British Cop Witnesses Tall White Aliens Inspecting Fresh Crop Circle

A shocking claim of a policeman made the rounds online. Several tall white aliens reportedly emerged in a newly-built crop circle in Wiltshire.

The officer, who chooses not to be named to protect his career, was off duty when strange beings emerged in the middle of a field with crop circle formation.

The man noticed an activity from a distance and stopped his car to investigate after having a strange feeling about it.

He reportedly approached the trio, which he described as taller than six feet with long blond hair. However, the trio ran away after the police officer heard the sound of static electricity. To the witness’ surprise, the three men ran away faster than any other human beings.

The officer considered the event as almost unreal, which apparently happened on July 6, 2009.
After the trio had run away, the witness drove straight back to Marlborough in Wiltshire. He later contacted paranormal experts and crop circle investigators, Andrew Russell and Colin Andrews.

Mr. Russell said that the witness initially thought there were forensic officers in the field as they were dressed in white coverall. The unusual figures seemed to be checking the crop.

The noise was still around after the trio ran away from the witness. The police officer claimed to experience a pounding headache that he could not shift afterward.

Colin is convinced to the testimony of the police officer. Colin added that he saw no reason at all why the police would make up the story. He believes that there’s too much additional information to say that the event is something in nothing with the unusual movement of the beings and the poltergeist experiences.

The experts suggest that the three were part of Tall Whites, an alien race that has been the subject of several sightings throughout the years.

Meanwhile, a Wiltshire Police spokesman refused to comment on the news because the reporting witness was off duty, making it a personal, not a police matter.