Alien Wearing Sunglasses To Protect His Eyes Visited Earth In 1957, UFO Expert Claims

It was a fine October 1957 night in Francavilla on Italy’s Adriatic coast – but something extraordinary of the otherworldly kind was about to happen. 

At least according to an aerospace expert and sociologist who claims an alien wearing dark shades to cover his eyes when it landed its UFO and let two villagers on board.

Dr Roberto Pinotti, 73, said the human-like beings actually visited often and even posed for pictures. They just wanted to be “friends,” he said.

And in a series of chilling but grainy pictures published in his new book, UFO Contacts In Italy, the author claims to reveal photos of the interior of an alien spacecraft and an extra-terrestrial being.

Picture: The alien let two people inside the UFO and even let them take photos, it is claimed (FLYING DISK PRESS)

The UFO was 24 metres in diameter and the control cabin was 10 meters, claims Dr Pinotti, who is also the founder of Italy’s National UFO Centre.

He said in a statement:

These rare and extraordinary photographs, as well as two photographs of the alleged extraterrestrial pilot… have been published here for the first time.

He added that you can see inside the “cockpit with seating,control panel and other objects.”

Picture: Author Robert Pinotti (FLYING DISK PRESS)

Speaking to indy100, former director of investigations for the British UFO Association Philip Mantle said that we should keep an open mind but also remain sceptical about UFO claims like this. He said:

It is the easiest thing to do to shout ‘fake’ or ‘hoax’ without ever doing any investigation in the first place.

As I have not personally investigated these photos I therefore remain open mind although somewhat sceptical.

I believe the best way to get to the bottom of these photos is to get them into the public domain which is exactly what we have done.

Once you do that then others may come forward with more information that can either support the authenticity of such photos or offer evidence that shows them to be fake.

Mr Mantle added that these photos are very unique as whether fake or real, they show the interior of a UFO. There are many photos that claim to show extraterrestrial spacecraft but not many from the inside.