“Alien” Infant Dies In India – Severely Deformed Baby Born With Massive Bulging Eyes Dies As Desperate Parents Waited For Miracle To Save Him

A two-day-old infant who was born in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh with shocking abnormalities and cruelly branded an ‘alien’ by locals has not survived; he died a day after he was born.

The infant was born in the early hours of Tuesday. He did not have a properly formed face: he had bulging eyes and holes in place of his nose.

The villagers were quick to brand him ‘alien’, apparently comparing the boy with the extraterrestrial creature from the science-fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott, and flocked to the family home.

The shocked mother had not breastfed the child as he kept ‘staring at her’ all the time.

Instead his heartbroken parents had attempted to spoon feed him milk as villagers flocked to their home to catch a glance of the ‘alien’.

“We were thrilled to have a second child and were delighted when we saw it was a boy but all our joy turned into agony when we saw his face.

“People kept flocking to our house to catch a glimpse of him thinking he is an alien but we had decided to raise him up.

“Now that he is gone we can only remember him in our memories.”

His dad said previously that he would never abandon their son.

He said: “God has given him to us. We will not abandon him.

“We will take care of him as long as he survives.”