Alien Abduction Cases Soar In Cape Town, South Africa

The second-most populous city in South Africa, has been struck by a massive increase in what local authorities have called Alien Abduction Cases.

Over 200 UFO sightings have occurred in the past months and no less then 16 alleged victims of sexual assault by ‘alien like’ humanoids were reported to police forces in past weeks, calling the city to immediate action.

«We are asking citizens to stay calm and to please not panic. The situation should be resolved any moment» declared Jim McLaren, a spokesman for the mayor. «The mayor is temporarily outside the city and unreachable for comments at the moment» he explained.

“It is very peculiar that extra-terrestrial beings would use alcohol to intoxicate their victims” wonders Dr. Wundbärt

«Before people started disappearing, many farmers complained about their missing cattle» explains Leigh Britts, a local ufologist who has been studying the abductions.  «Sometimes, they found dozens of sheep or cows decapitated, shred to pieces or torn inside out. It was simply horrible!» he recalls.

Most abduction victims are found wandering in the streets, with temporary amnesia and unusually high levels of alcohol in their bloodstream. «It is very peculiar that extra-terrestrial beings would use alcohol to intoxicate their victims» wonders Dr. Wundbärt, visiting astrophysicist at the University of Cape Town, who has written more then 30 books on the subject of UFOs.

«South Africa has something that seems to attract these UFOs. Is it the gold or the diamonds? Why have they been visiting this specific location for hundreds, even thousands of years?» he asks. «Indigenous zulu tribes told of their brothers being taken away to the stars and never coming back. Those who came back, were called udidekile ngokomqondo or insane ones. They were feared and worshiped for hundreds of years» he adds.