If You See This In The Middle of The Road Keep Driving

There are a lot of sick people in this world who try to take advantage of good Samaritans. The latest example of this occurred in North Carolina and almost got a woman carjacked.

She was driving down the road at night when she noticed what appeared to be a small child sitting in the middle of the road. The woman stopped her car to check on the child, and that’s when things got bad, WNCN reported.

Two men in “dark hoodies” jumped out and tried to open the doors of the woman’s car. Thankfully, the doors were locked and the woman sped off before anything worse could happen.

The “child” in the road turned out to just be a plastic dummy dressed like a child, The Raleigh News & Observer reported. These sick carjackers were trying to exploit people’s kindness toward seemingly lost children in order to steal the car.

WJW noted that the police could not find the would-be carjackers, but they did take the dummy out of the road.

As a rule of thumb, you probably shouldn’t stop for something (or someone) sitting in the middle of the road. It’s a pretty strange place to sit down, especially at night.

You can see a picture of the dummy below. To be honest, I’m not sure if I would have stopped for this thing, because it looks like something out of a B-grade horror film.

If you do see something human-like in the middle of the road, you would be better off driving to a safe distance away, keeping your car doors locked and calling the police so they can come and investigate.

It’s a tragedy that society has gotten to the point where people will put fake children in the road to steal someone’s car, but that’s apparently the world we’re living in now.