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Emerald Tablets of the Rosicrucian works “Secret figures Rosicrucians” from XVI. A XVII. Century:

Interpretation of Rozikruciánského works “Secret figures Rosicrucians”

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Secret Fire: The Relationship Between Kundalini, Kabbalah, and Alchemy
In the vast majority of humanity, this Secret Fire, or liberating energy of self-consciousness, lies dormant, asleep at the base of the spine, coiled like a serpent. Only a small amount manages to escape, reaching a sepherothic level, or so-called chakra, thus creating a loci of consciousness for each person. If it reaches the top of the skull, and beyond, a spiritual awakening can occur, allowing for a descent and re-ascent of the energy, during which the psychic centers can be awakened allowing for the manifestation of psychic powers and related phenomena.

The secret of the EMERALD TABLET 

Emerald Tablet and its secrets

According to a legend carved Egyptian god Thoth in the Emerald greatest secrets of heaven and earth, the foundation of all spiritual truths and laws The origin of a mystical path, the key to divine guidance, while the key to salvation. God Thoth means as much as Christianity in the Holy Spirit and the same is the Greek god Hermes and the Roman god Mercury. According to the submission of Thoth he said at the beginning of words matic and they created the world and everything that happens. Thoth was born herself and the Lord of the earth, air, sea and sky. He was secretary of the other gods and the inventor of all the arts and sciences.

“Truthfully, no lie certainly equal to what is below, that which is above and what is above is equal to what is below and it can attain and powerful one thing all miracle. And as all things were created only things of the will and command single that everything invented: so all the things I now come out of that one thing and order of nature. The father, the sun, and his mother is the moon. The air wear it like in her womb, his breadwinner or nurse’s country . This matter is the origin of all perfection in the world. The force her is the most perfect when it again turns the country. Separate this land, from the fire and everything fine or thin from thick or coarse, gently and lovingly with great wit and modesty. And perform it from earth to heaven and from there back to the ground and then it takes the strength of the upper and lower. So the glory of the whole world. He therefore turned from you every folly and impotence. ie. with all my might force the strongest: for it overcomes all subtle things and can penetrate every thing solid and hard. So the world was created, and then comes a special connection and can thereby, realizing the many wonders to perform the way it is. That’s why I was called Hermem Trismegistus, because I have three parts of the wisdom of the whole world. To let him Povedenej the chemical arts masterpiece. “

That is the text of the Emerald Tablets, which will later be explained later. Now I publish first Czech translation of explanation and interpretation of the Emerald Tablets of the Rosicrucian works “Secret figures Rosicrucians” from XVI. A XVII. Century:

The history of crop circles 1994 

Interpretation of Rozikruciánského works “Secret figures Rosicrucians”
“The picture that seems bad and small, contains thing big and important. Yes, hides a secret that this is the greatest treasure of the world. A further conceals the fact that nothing greater can not uslyšeti on the ground. The secret TO BE Lord at all times whom never lacking in funds and will do so shall have a healthy body and life so long that it will take up to the time predestined, already exceeds any thing. All I want now to report, as a figure that clearly tells. We see a shield, which in three parts breakdown, and it is an eagle, a lion and a star. And the orb in it, namely in the middle, and also the heavens and earth are busily displayed. Then his hand, which each serve, you see the signs of metal. The circle that surrounds drawing, is noticeable here seven words. Now I want to make known what all this means, and then I’ll also say I want to all be called. And as all this may be prepared by, it also follows. The three peaks mean just salt, sulfur and mercury.

The history of crop circles 1995 

The effects of this awakening will take some time for the consciousness of the individual to adjust to, and is not limited to the ‘non-physical’ realms. The physical body, although to a lesser degree, is also changed and improved in functioning, constituting a genuine “re-birth’ on several levels. However, it is up to the mind, or sense of “I”, of the individual, to cooperate with this influx of power if more permanent changes in consciousness are to be made.

As we can see, the concept of kundalini, or the Secret Fire, is linked to two polar concepts: that of the undifferentiated creative energy, and the second, as the seed of this energy locked on each cell of material creation, and focused in humanity at the base of the spine.

When this energy rises as a result of psychic experiences, and not because of physical weakness, it can cause the Vital Energy of the body to be concentrated on various areas of the body, creating physical and psychic disturbances. If the energy becomes concentrated in the head, it can create the illusion of a spiritual awakening, as well as the well known “hot and cold” flashes, or currents, up and down the spine. The effects of the Secret Fire however, and not its re-distributive effects on the Vital Energy, can create the following phenomena:

The history of crop circles 1996

Intense pains suggestive of an illness
Crawling sensations of ants or small bugs over the skin, as well as a ‘jumping’ sensation of the energy
A feeling of crystal clear calmness and tranquillity, rise from center to center to the top of the head
Ascending in the famous ‘zigzag’ or Rising Serpent pattern
The energy can skip a center or two
The energy can reach the top of the head in a flash of light
The character attributes of both positive and negative are exaggerated and sexual power is increased.
If the energy rises to the top of the head, then it becomes possible to work directly on the Vital Energy within the body, and use it, as a means of enhancing the psychic experience and spiritual awakening.

In short, the psychic centers must first be awakened by the Secret Fire and purified, before the energy of the physical body, can be concentrated upon them.

The history of crop circles 1997 

Thus, our psychic exercises, and esoteric meditations are designed to prepare our minds, bodies, and consciousness for the liberation of the Secret Fire buried deep inside us. Through a progressive cleansing of the blood, nervous system, and endocrine glands, the ‘chains’ of the Vital Energy upon the Secret Fire are reduced and eliminated, allowing the ever present power and energy, a veritable pressure waiting to be released, to spring into action. Thus, the Serpent doesn’t really sleep, it is we who are asleep to its presence and potential blessing.

The Secret Fire and the Sepheroth

“So he drove out the man: and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the Tree of Life.” Genesis 3:24

The history of crop circles 1998

The salt is a solid body and it is most prominent in the art. Sulfur is to turn the soul without the body manage nothing. Mercury then, or Mercury, is the spirit of power, which firmly connects soul and body. Therefore is the name of a mediator. And what would be done without him, not duration. Or soul and body would not die if they also carry with them the spirit. But also the soul or spirit could not endure, if they were not of the body. And neither body nor spirit should not force pražádné if the company was not in their souls. And all this, when art understood, the body forms a turn and gives the duration: a soul again stained and Ting spirit and everything is fluid and penetrates. Therefore, in this art it can not stand none of that trio from alone. And the biggest mystery has also meaningless because they need to have TO BE soul, spirit and body, but what is it fourth from which arose the three, the plot is about to learn his name, or at the bottom of the shield is a star sedmipaprskovitá. Lion, which has its color and strength and its nature and characteristics appears as a bald yellow and white, but understand me well, because it needs a saw. A orb shows a sign of the highest good. In which the four elements, earth, fire, air and water, but also the heavens.
The history of crop circles 1999
He has no choice than seven words, and which means you can hear below. And when you understand it well, it can not be that you failed your work. Each word is a city and each of the cities has only one goal. The first is gold and is very yellow (sun). The other is silver and is beautifully white (Luna), the third is mercury, which is gray (Mercury). The fourth is tin, which has Sky Blue (Jupiter). Fifth is iron, which is blood red (Mars). Sixth coThe right to establish a real knowledge of proven hands oath. And from this basic root it is based on seven metals, and much else.
pper, beautifully green (Venus). Seventh lead, black as coal (Saturn).
Have careful how I meant it and I well understand: The gates of these cities is the whole basis of Art. Because no city itself does nothing, because all the others have TO BE present. You also can not do any of vejíti when the gates were closed. But if the city had gates that she would not have anything to settle. And therefore when they are taken together, there is born Sep seven colors. And it clearly illuminates one another, so that their power is second to none. Their wonders on earth will you find so hear the next message.

The history of crop circles 2000

Seven letters and seven words and seven cities and seven gates. Seven times and seven metals, seven days and seven numbers. To do bear seven herbs and seven arts and seven stones. Therein lies the whole art and blessed is he who is found. A difficult because perhaps would you seemed to grasp it, can you hear me forth to the next one. Surely it all I appear clearly and carefully, without falsehood and hatred, as all called in one word: Vitriol is it and who knows, there Kabbalistic way, all computation with diligence – seven and fifty in number found everywhere As .

Let you get tired of work, only he understood me well and užiješ success. Needless I add that it is water that Nemacho. And for her, and she metals zrozují as hard-frozen ice. Wet dust stuck in full wind, and it contained all the virtues.

(This means creating the new body, immortal. Wet dust = baptized body that is “dust”. “The full wind” = full grace of God, therefore reaches one “baptized” of all virtues. The wind, as is known, is a sign it is close to God. Water as ice hardens = is the philosopher’s stone, crystal)

And if you do not know that even now, otherwise you’ll can not appoint.
And now I want to learn how everything he should be ready. The Art leads the seven routes. And if any of them know, you will labor in vain. Above all, you have to know that it is necessary to the success of cleanup. But even I am cleansing the two, but only one of them I will do. The first part is going through it freely and without the addition of any. This requires a little distilled and gently rotting everything to be deprived of land and then everything is ready also. The first path has two roads and blessed is he who walks after them properly. The first one leads a force of fire namely with him and to ourselves. That you remember. The second path leads on, until we reach the treasure and profit. “


The history of crop circles 2001

I turn now to the interpretation of this ancient and mystical all-important monuments. Around Emerald Tablets is a Latin inscription whose initial letters give the word “Vitriol”. But it’s not vitriol chemical, but it is alchymickomystická substance that marks the beginning of a great work, so the beginning of a mystical path. All Rosicrucian works are characterized by the secret speech of alchemical – mystical. Who has not opened his eyes, he sees effortlessly that are running only on simple rules alchemical, because everywhere there are signs cosmogonic and religious, there are symbols that seem to indicate that it is about spiritual things. Therefore, the Emerald Tablet with its symbolism of hiding a mystical work, while also alchemical. The word “Vitriol” means the person who set foot on the path that he began mystical undertake the exercise and gathering.

Example of that Latin inscription reads in English: “If you visit cleansing nitro country, finding hidden stone.” Visita Interior terranes rectificando invenies occultum lapidem.

The circle, which is surrounded by Latin inscription that means a man and his heart. Any characters that are drawn in a circle, are in the human inside and are either mystical state or mystical powers. Their interpretation we come later.

Now it is even necessary vratiti to the word vitriol. Instead of the word Rosikruciáni also use the term “vinegar”. According to mystical writer Jane Leadeové medieval mystics and other means “Corrosive Vitriol” human conscience, and he is therefore the key to this mystery. The human conscience is in fact the voice of the Spirit, she is our inner essence, which, despite our benefit or detriment, to our pleasure or displeasure, measured and weighed accurately and rigorously all our acts and our thoughts and either approves or condemns.


This “Vitriol” is therefore a divine force that separates the chaff from the grain, and burns or dissolves metals worthless, leaving only the gold. All this is easy to explain the route symbolically and should only připomenouti the work of our conscience, we understand that this is just a burning caustic strength, but also cathartic. Called. Conscience is the only connection that now man is left of its original spiritual state – it is a link with the Creator, which through conscience speaks to man. Conscience is our spiritual foundation and therefore he who starts a mystical journey must be calculated from that base as the starting point must be mystically soustřeďovati to their spiritual self, because it conceals what we call conscience. Therefore, the beginning of the great works of conscience, or alchemical vitriol.

The history of crop circles 2002 

Now I approach interpretation boards emerald. Hermes thrice assures that his words are true, which means that there really is running the most secret and the foundation of all spiritual sources. They are cosmic and divine truths. Bottom is like the top. Man and God are one and the one to the right place, performed a miracle unique, because each connection. But in this sentence also it contains the other right. What’s in the universe, it is also in man namely the smallest detail. All forces have their man alike, immense power in the universe, and vice versa. Among other occult disciplines are just three that prove this truth. It’s astrology, magic and mysticism. For astrological doctrines from their experience we know that the slightest deviation of any planet, with relation to the ascendant any man has a great influence on his life, his destiny, and especially also for his mental mood. But less is known that the man who is able to wander through the mystical planetary powers that are hidden inside him, control his destiny, because they interrupt and cosmic influences which keep us from Rino world bodies. Also magic is proof of this truth. The magic ceremonies are used interrelated things to all natural realms of planets. This is obtained conjunction with planetary forces, in our little world, so the microcosm, a great world or macrocosm, then interacts. And also in mysticism receive personal evidence that all the forces vesmírově is sometimes inappropriate power top that we call God resides also in man, and when it reaches human salvation or union with the Creator, that controls not just those enormous forces cars that are hidden in his soul but it has all the powers of nature and vesmírové.
Another phrase refers to God the Creator, who is the only ONIM who invented the world and commanded that arose. But the Creator creates still like at the beginning, because it is the creator, whose strength never ustati. But the next sentence refers is something else entirely. Now Emerald Tablet speaks about man. He appointed by the things which his father is the sun and the moon and the mother says that her air carries in her womb and that it is nurtured countries. He is a man. God the Father is our creator, but resides in us and God. mother is born, because she symbolize the divine principle that the origin of our soul and beyond born on a mystical journey of our personal Christ, we become born-again.

A further says that this thing (person) is the origin of all perfection in the world. A man can become a god because, as alleged and St. Paul. Its power is most perfect when it turns again in the country. It is a mystical death, when a man is mystically placed in a tomb. After the mystical death followed then resurrection and entry into heaven, or salvation.

Emerald Tablet says further that the pupil to separate the earth from the fire, and everything from low gentle and rough, and that it was gently and lovingly with great wit and modesty.

The history of crop circles 2003 

This means that we have to discern their body (ground) from the fire (spirit). In this way, we are concerned with modesty and love, achieve internal knowledge, ie. those mystical state that causes the Spirit leaps from earth to heaven, even ascended to heaven and then come to earth to receive the power of the upper and lower, so they became adept. It ascension to heaven is samadhi, or mystical rapture, when the human spirit soars up before the face of God the Father. Then returns to earth, or wake up to a normal state of consciousness all the forces of heaven and on earth. Then “the glory of the whole world”, ie. It will not glorified men, but God.
However, only those who repudiate ignorance and impotence can come at that goal. Ignorance is an expression that means understanding only limited human reason and not emotion and spiritual helplessness is the lack of perseverance and faith. Only faith and perseverance can give us strength to the biggest task, which can not be compared with anything else in the world. Therefore, every mystic “winner” is the hero, Heracles, who performance of their twelve most difficult work as beautiful and symbolically advertised in old myths. His work, however, apply to the mystical state in which either ran for cleaning or overwhelm yourself.
Hermes Trismegistus Emerald Tablet says further that it is the most powerful force, because it overcomes all subtle things and penetrates all things, even the hardest. It is again the man who is born again, who knows God. Then his strength for the world resist and he becomes master of the whole of creation and nature in general. Wins over all things fine, or invisible and can vniknouti into everything gross, namely the secrets of matter and the earthly world. Next sentence says that the creation of the world and so this implies that rare combination of a lot of miracles. This thing is totally understandable. A Hermes says at the end that was called Trismegistus because he had a threefold wisdom of the whole world, earth, mental and spiritual. Trismegistos is in fact three times powerful.
The history of crop circles 2004 
Between the lion and the eagle is a circle, above which is a sign of Mercury or mercury. These three, namely the lion, eagle and Mercury, mean salt, sulfur and mercury, and sulfur is the soul, mercury the spirit of forces and means salt body, or lion. Mercury is the mediator between them, it connects the salt and sulfur, or soul and body. But below are in turn connected to an eagle and lion sedmipaprskovou fiery star, which is the Spirit of God, over which hovers orb, which means control over all elements of earth, fire, air and water, but also the heavens, which are indicated by a cross . Sedmipaprsková Zodiac seven divine forces that permeate everything and everything přetvořují. The hands on both sides as the oath is subject of the cloud, means blessing of Jesus Christ, who also swears that what you suggested is the most sacred and eternal truth.
Seven words that are around in a circle, it was already explained, but Rosikruciáni cover up the truth that is hidden in those words, so skillfully that nezasvěcenec by them may interpret completely outside. Who on earth is looking for a cleansed what they dug up, found a gemstone. This is outer material interpretation. In reality, however, it runs the mystical concentration, as the country is the human body, dip into it a gathering of ideas that simultaneously purifies and who he is, finds hidden the Sorcerer’s Stone, or Jesus Christ.
Among žehnajícíma hands we see a cup, or “container”, ie. human again. Above it is the Sun with the Moon, which empty into the content. And it is a mystical symbol of a wedding, or soul connection with Spirit. Left and right are indicated symbolically other metals or planets, so there are seven Mercury.
In rosikruciánském file called planets or metal gates are seven cities. Since each metal and each planet has its color, created from their union and cooperation Sep seven colors, that is. mystical, rainbow peace, but alchemical this means that during marches in the crucible passes through a substance nascent gold and the Philosopher’s Stone seven colors.

Other sentences are clear and need only upozorniti that “water that Nemacho” must be sought of every mystic, and when it finds one, it also knows what it means. Also, another phrase to refer to mystical states, which can not publish. At the far right of the author of the seven routes. These are the yogic path, but also the alchemical. It can come at seven ways to God and the seven manner sought of the Philosopher’s Stone. Our journey, however, is the easiest and safest of all.

The history of crop circles 2005 

Secretly and quietly a few words given author things of immense importance. It says that the success must first be cleaned. Also cleansing is two, but only one will suffice. One cleansing the ascetic life, that is strenuous and willingly repressed refining, perhaps means extremely cruel. The second cleansing was going on by the grace of God. It is a journey of love or Indian bhakti, in which the pupil to dedicate all their imperfections to God and receive the cleansing grace of the Lord.
Cleansing perform the first steps to work freely. This means that no one is being forced, and that every man should be the way rozhodnouti. By all allowances means that one does not need to do anything other than itself. Distilling is a refiner nitro inner fire that kindles concentrations in states finer. Rotting concerns dying man at the external mystical death. In such a way one is deprived of all the earth and ready. The first path has two roads. One road leads to mysticism and alchemy to second. The first led force namely fire with fire, and to itself, namely to the heart. Author demonstrates it by saying, “I remember you well.”

But the second path leads further to the treasure and profit – this is the way alchemic that after the internal rebirth leads adept at preparing alchemical Philosopher’s Stone, which is the highest earthly and spiritual good and treasure.

Adam Kadmon You still need to join himself some explanation in one sentence emerald plate. Hermes in it says: “So the world was created.” Those words touches the Emerald Tablet Kabbalistic tradition. This means that the world was created in human form – in other words, the universe is human, form an enormous human face that is formed by all the sun, planets and nebulae. This cosmic body is a divine figure. And because the universe has the same shape as a man of God, but in Kabbalah grotto this great figure of God Adam Kadmon.

The Adam Kadmon is actually God Yahweh, or Jehovah, who in his form of himself fired at the entire universe.

Therefore it is written in the first book of Moses, chap. IV27: “And God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female created he them.”

The history of crop circles 2005 

Man was thus created in the image of God and therefore takes the form of the universe, or the shape of Adam Kadmon. Just because a person is a small world, a microcosm of a universe, or God, the great world, or macrocosm. That is why Hermes Merkurius says, “As above, so below.” That is, just as the divine figure of the sky and on the ground also in the form of man. This great and mysterious truth contains ideas and concepts so wide and so vast that its readers could not get highly I recommend that an ever think about it. In it it is also the key to understanding all occult and mystical phenomena. It is the basis of all occult knowledge, it is a source of all truths of others.
But that quoted a verse from the bible refers to yet another great mystery. It is said there that is how God “created them” (people), a man and a woman. “Not thus in the plural, or” men and women “, which would indicate something quite different. The first people who came from the hand of God, were creatures hermaphrodite, they were husband and wife in one being. This obojpohlavnost or Hermaphrodites was the essence of the primary people from falling when the two divine principles, male and female, were combined in person. At that time people were in the original “paradise” state if the state must return each mystic, reaching the highest dedication mystical wedding.
I note that only later, in quite a different period of creation, humanity has been sexually department. That’s it period, of whom Moses wrote in his first book, chap. II. Verse VII .: “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the dechnutí life, and man became a living soul.” And in verse 21 and 22, Moses recounts how it was created from Adam’s rib Eva. This second creation of man happened overwhelmingly for a long time after the creation of the first. Then, people were only the physical body and the separation of the sexes.
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