After Reading This You Will Never Throw Away The Rice Water Again

More energy, healthier skin and shiny hair are just some of the benefits that you will gain from this old Chinese recipe that is becoming increasingly popular in modern western civilization. You can get a healthy body and beautiful skin by only using two cheap ingredients: water and rice.

Method of preparation:

Maybe you have already heard that the water in which you washed the rice is rice-water, but that is not true.

You can use that water, but you will not get the same health effects as if you were using the original rice-water (which is obtained by boiling the rice in it).
It is recommended to put more water when preparing rice-water than you usually put when cooking rice for lunch.

The water in which rice has released some of its useful properties is the one you need.

You can drink it while it is hot or you can leave it to cool down and use it to wash your face or hair with it.

Health benefits:

Provides energy

Successfully prevents gastroenteritis

Excellent in preventing cancer

  • Regulates body temperature
  • Prevents and cures constipation

Cosmetic benefits:

  • If you wash your face with rice-water, your skin will be softer
  • It is an excellent tonic replacement
  • Assists in the closed pores on face
  • If you wash your hair with rice-water you will make it shinier and healthier.