After 30 Years She Meets Brother She Never Knew – Then He Exposes Secret Mother Confessed Before Passing

After becoming a mother herself, an adopted woman named Christina Housel wanted to learn more about her past! She searched for information about her mother and any potential siblings – and then she found something unbelievable!

Now her story is touching so many hearts and it’s easy to understand why…

Months of searching lead Christina from Washington to Arizona where her biological brother Lyles James Berryman lived. Christina told Inside Edition that Lyles was hesitant about meeting her at first.

“I think he was pretty skeptical. Meeting him and comparing him to me is just mind-blowing.”

But as soon as the two met face-to-face, he realized that this was the real deal and that they were bonded by blood. After chatting and sharing life stories, Lyles admitted that there was a huge secret their biological mother revealed to him moments before her passing.

The news would change Christina’s life forever….

Unlike Christina, Lyles grew up with their mother during the first few years of his life. Just before her passing, she looked at Lyles and told him something that she had kept secret for years.

She had given birth to twin girls and they were out in the world somewhere not knowing their true history!

The moment Christina heard the news, she and Lyles set off to find their sisters! She wanted them to know what it’s like to have siblings who cared for them.

They scribbled a note on two pieces of blank paper and posted it on Facebook in hopes that someone would know the details about their sisters. In just a few days, their picture had been shared by hundreds of thousands of users – someone out there had to know the girls!

Sure enough, the image made it to Lauren Rutherford and Ashley Bo, twin sisters who were halfway across the country! They saw the picture and instantly recognized their own facial features staring back at them!

Within minutes, the pair bought their plane tickets and packed their bags – they were going to meet their siblings!

Their reunion was something out of a fairytale! The group of siblings swapped family photos and compared themselves. It was clear they all got their mother’s nose and there was a second striking factor that they had in common.

Christina is a member of the Navy, Lyles had a tour in Iraq with the Army and Ashley’s husband is an active member of the Air Force!

It’s clear these four are all family!