Adorable Great Dane Refuses to Let Owner Relax on the Couch

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Dogs are a lot like little kids. They love playing, sleeping, cuddling, and occasionally get restless. That is what one Great Dane was doing in this home video that his dad shot. The adorable and large framed puppy seems to think that by throwing his massive body around and flopping into bed with his owner he can get him to play. Or maybe he is just trying to look super cute!

In the video, a large black one year old Great Dane named Bodie Gene makes his presence known. Bodie crawls up into bed with his owner Roy Fields, of Hudson Oaks, Texas, and angles his large frame right up on him. The dog can’t seem to relax or get comfortable as he wiggles and looks to Roy for some attention. Roy says that they “always lay on the couch right before bed, but he wanted to play that night.” Bodie flails around restlessly as he waits for his human friend to get up and play, but Roy just wants to relax and soon go to bed. The poor puppy will have to entertain himself but his attempts at spurring Roy into action definitely make a heartwarming, funny, and memorable moment for the two of them.

At first sight Great Danes look like huge, powerful, and imposing dogs. Their high stature and sleek bodies combined with ears that stand at attention make them appear guarded and always alert. However, looks can be deceiving. The AKC describes the breed as having a laid back attitude and docile nature. These dogs are often very gentle and loving in temperament and make wonderful family pets since they tend to get along well with other animals and children. Like many other dogs, they are naturally inquisitive and love to play with whatever strikes their fancy at the moment. Bodie is a shining example of the breed’s natural traits and it seems like life with a Great Dane is filled with love and snuggles!



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