Actress Goldie Hawn Was Asked To Define God, But No One Expected THIS Shocking Answer

Mothers and daughters have a special bond with one another that only gets stronger through the years. We forget, that celebrity mothers and daughters have this special bond as well. Take one special bond for example of a mother-daughter celebrity favorite of ours, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson.

A Daughter’s Question

Daughters are curious. They like to ask their mothers deep questions that require their Mom’s to think before they answer. By asking their Mommy certain questions, the daughter is not just learning the answer, but in some ways, they are helping teach Mom something as well.

Well, at just age four years old, according to her interview with the Oprah network, Kate Hudson asked her Mommy Goldie Hawn, “Mommy, is God my cousin?” This question made Goldie realize that she needed to be very careful how she answered it. In doing so, it required Goldie to look deep within herself to discover how she truly felt about God.


God Is Everywhere

Wanting to explain in the best way possible, Goldie simply said, “I think God is everywhere,” according to her interview with the Oprah network. She continued with saying:

“To feel God is what’s really important. You know that feeling just before you are going to laugh? That thing where you get all bubbled up? And it’s like a bubble of laughter that hasn’t come out yet? That’s the feeling, I would say, that God feels like.”

Her beautiful response is something Kate would grow up remembering forever.


Mother-Daughter Bond

This mother-daughter relationship has had a strong foundation from the beginning. Goldie and Kate are often seen at celebrity functions together having a great time, enjoying their bond together still to this day. The ideals and values Goldie instilled in Kate as a little girl have surely helped shape who Kate has grown up to be. As the years keep pushing them forward, their bond just keeps getting stronger and stronger. The following was said during an interview with Popsugar and Kate Hudson:

“It starts with my mom. My mom never had – obviously as a parent you have certain expectations – but my mother never had unreasonable expectations. Her expectations were very simple: it was your kindness, and being present, and acknowledgment, and gratitude. Things that are really, I think, important to be raised with. But in terms of life expectations – what you do, or who you’re with, or what you chose to be – she really allowed us the freedom to experience our own lives,” Kate said. “Which doesn’t mean that it didn’t come with parenting!”

An Example For All

Explaining God to a child can be both challenging and rewarding for a mother to describe to her daughter. In the video below, Goldie explains God in the most precious way possible, radiantly expressing how much she enjoys her motherhood to Kate. We have all seen Goldie and Kate grow up throughout the years and it makes you wonder if the very words Goldie spoke to her daughter that day, have been the very words that made Kate who she is today.

Embrace Your Motherly Life Lessons To Your Daughter

Motherhood is such a unique and precious gift. Daughters are little bundles of joy delivered to you to not only make you happy, but in turn can teach you some things just like how you teach her some things about life. Enjoy every minute. If you are scared or nervous to talk about God to your daughter, listen to Goldie’s words for inspiration. Try to just speak from your heart like how she spoke from her heart to young Kate as well as be honest in your response, which is the key to getting your message across.