Actress Claims The Royals Are Aliens & Connected To The New World Order

When a monarch of the United Kingdom undergoes their coronation, they must fulfill a number of time-honoured rituals before being anointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. After their coronation, they assume an incredibly powerful position. Not only do they become the head of state for Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth but they also become the Protector of the Faith for the Church of England.


All of this pomp and ceremony tends to be viewed with a bemused attachment in the United Kingdom where it is seen as an empty nod to the heritage of the nation and pull for interested tourists. But is there something more sinister about all of this?

According to Princess Diana, the answer is a definitive yes. A close friend of the late princess, who prefers to remain anonymous, had spoken out about the disturbing tales Diana confided in her over a period of nine years when she was still alive. The princess never spoke publicly about any of these things because she feared, with good reason, that she would be ridiculed and lambasted in the popular press if she did so.

Diana nicknamed the Windsor family ‘the lizards’ and ‘the reptiles’ and used to tell people that they were not really human. She was not speaking metaphorically. Diana confided in her close friend that the royal family were really lizards and were deeply involved in the Illuminati.

Princess Diana claimed that she witnessed the Queen of England performing sacrificial rituals and speaking openly about other members of the Illuminati. Apparently, she was quite dismissive of those she considered to be beneath her in the organization’s ranks, but she had an awed respect for a man referred to as ‘Pindar.’

The Pindar is believed to be the leader of the Earth’s branch of the Illuminati, and his name is a shortened term for ‘the Pinnace of the Draco’. Diana also claimed that the royal family had a particular affinity to Scotland not because of the beautiful landscape, as the royal family tends to claim, but because Scotland is the host to an entrance to the inner Earth where physical reptiles live. This explains why the Queen was unusually anxious about the results of the recent Scottish independence referendum campaign.

The anonymous source claims that she was not the only person that Diana confided these secrets to but as of yet, no one else has spoken out about these claims.

Now, in the video below, Alex Jones aka Bill Hicks aka David Mentalson III (Watch video Alex Jones finally admits that he was..) starts to talk over the globalists master plan and what it will mean for the world if they succeed. At about the 5.25 mark he talks about the actress’s claim that the Royals are aliens.

Instead of saying that they are lizards (probably to protect herself) actress Helen Mirren has described the Royal Family as“aliens” which she intends to say, according to TheIndependent, that the Royal Family are the same flawed, insecure, vulnerable, complicated human beings as we are, but living in a world which is so beyond our understanding.