Abandoned South Dakota Town Costs Less Than Average Home


The abandoned town of Swett, South Dakota is back on the market for less than the price of one single-detached home.

Yahoo! Real Estate reports Swett’s listing price is just a mere $250,000. The town comes with the local bar, a home, a garage and tire shop and six acres of prairie.

Swett’s peak population was roughly 40 people in the 1940s. The town was established in 1932 when a farmer named Swett opened a post office inside a grocery store.

Lance Benson bought it in 1998 but lost it in a divorce. He regained control in 2012 and then tried to sell it shortly after for nearly $400,000. Now the bank owns the property and has listed it at almost half of what Benson was looking for.

Since then, the bank has cleaned things up a bit, removing a rotting tractor trailer and three mobile homes. It also replaced all town signage as it was riddled with bullet holes.

People describe Swett as where the highway ends and the wild west begins. The tavern is boarded up and rumors swirl about the only home being haunted.

The tavern has been functional in the last 10 years, with some patrons saying the town gave off the vibe of a “a good place to be killed.” Others have said “you need a Bowie knife to get in this place and a chainsaw to get out.”


However, real estate officials say there has been a lot of interest in the property from those who want to live in isolation, those who want to run their own town or those who simply want to create a hunting lodge in a resort town.

When it was previously listed, there was one Nebraska man who reportedly wanted to bring in 600 felons and about 2,000 women from Russia. He was going to build homes and run cameras at all hours.

Although there were three written offers at the time, nothing ever happened.







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