A Young Woman Loses Her Fingertips and Here Is The Shocking Reason Why

Many girls suffer from anorexia these days and this Australian teenager Elle Lietzow has also faced the same. Her family also was tensed about her condition as she had tough times dealing with this eating disorder and was very close to death. She was weighing merely 80 pounds, but lately she had been doing better and leading a healthy life, until this happened.


When Elle discovered the health benefits of a vegan diet, the once calorie-obsessed teenager transformed into a passionate hobby chef. She rediscovered her love of food and even shared the story of her illness and recovery along with some tasty recipes on various social media channels. With her story touching many hearts and her recipes delighting many taste buds, she soon gained a huge following of fans and supporters.

The reason of disorder was her insecurities and depression which did not end that soon. Even though her weight was normal, she was still struggling with self-confidence. She had a lot of worries for her future and felt as if she was a burden on family and friends.

One morning in March 2016 after fighting with her mother and sister, Elle felt that the pressure to be “normal” had become too much for her. In desperation she took a large number of pills and washed them down with alcohol. Fortunately, her parents found her just in time lying on her bed unconscious.

Doctors tried desperately to stabilize Elle’s circulation and prevent her brain from being damaged from lack of oxygen. When her blood pressure dropped suddenly, they were forced to induce a coma in order to save her life.


The doctors were able to save Elle’s life, but at a cost. The strong medication needed to increase her blood pressure ended up having a terrible side-effect: the circulation in three of her fingers was too weak and the fingertips died.


In May she was too depressed and told everyone about her suicide attempt but now in August, she made a new video where she seemed in a better mood and was at the hospital getting her stitches removed.

Elle explained to her viewers that she would be receiving prosthetic fingertips. She considers herself very lucky not only to have survived the suicide attempt, but also to have recovered without suffering any brain damage. She has found new courage and is determined to deal with the psychological problems that led her to try and end her life.


Elle is extremely grateful that her moment of desperation didn’t end as badly as it could have. Yet again she’s been given a new lease on life. Hopefully she and her family can stay strong and work towards better days ahead. After all, where there is still life, there is still hope.