A Sinkhole Opened Up In His Backyard – So He Climbed Inside His Findings Are Baffling Scientists

Sink holes are fascinating occurrences in nature that happen when the ground beneath the surface gets washed away or weakened, and the surface then caves in to reveal a gaping hole.

A sink hole is what appeared in Johnny Morris’ golf course in Missouri.  The multi billionaire and owner of Bass Pro Shops wasn’t going to just fill in the hole though; he was curious as to what was on the inside, so he set to find out.

Some government experts told Johnny to just fill in the hole and go about normal business back at the golf course, but Johnny instead sent in two backhoes to start clearing out the dirt.

When they started to get the ball rolling, a complex system of limestone caves was found underneath.  How cool!

The limestone caves run for a long distance under the ground, baffling geologists.  The limestone walls indicate at more cave systems close by as well.

Johnny has not, and will not reveal how much he is spending on the project, however he says he is happy with every nickel he has spent excavating the hole.

Johnny built his business up from nothing back when he graduated college.  He is the 379th most wealthy person alive, and has a love for caves.

He has been discovering his own caves ever since when he started fishing. This one was discovered when he and fellow cave enthusiast Jack Herschend found the hole on a cold day in 1993 and decided to climb right in!

‘John L’s Cave’ – his middle initial is L – and a National Geographic photographer went in too said it looked like ‘an underground chapel’.

Every day, two backhoes work digging out the hole, one down on the bottom and another up top, sometimes even three are brought in.

Morris said: ‘Whether it’s just like a foxhole thing you have to crawl in or whether there’s big caverns, that’s the mystery, and that’s the exciting part of all of this,’