New Bermuda Triangle Opens off The Coast of China

While everyone (or just about everyone) knows to avoid the Bermuda Triangle if you’re flying or sailing, there are other spots in major bodies of water around that world that have similar reputations for allegedly causing large numbers of shipwrecks, disappearances or accidents. If you’d like a list of them, the government or NASA are not the first places to go. A better plan would be to contact an insurance company that covers the shipping industry. A German newspaper did just that and found that the new Bermuda Triangle is off the coast of southern China, primarily in the South China Sea. If you think YOUR insurance rates are high …

This revelation comes from the German newspaper WELT which recently analyzed loss documents from Allianz subsidiary Global Corporate & Specialty, a major German insurance company with clients worldwide, primarily in the marine and aviation businesses. The records showed that, of the 85 large freighters lost in 2016, one quarter of them occurred in the waters off southern China, Indochina, Indonesia and the Philippines. The next most dangerous areas were the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

A typical wreck was that of the container ship TS Taipei, which lost power on March 10 off the coast of Taiwan’s New Taipei City and broke in half two weeks later, spilling some of its 70,000 gallons of fuel, oil and wastewater. The crew was rescued, spillage eventually cleaned up and fines paid.

If you think that doesn’t sound like a typical mysterious Bermuda Triangle accident, you’re right. The mysterious causes of these wrecks is not something strange in the water or even turbulent water conditions … it’s located at the headquarters of the shipping companies operating the vessels. The insurance company found that these companies are dangerously increasing the size of their ships and overloading their cargos while decreasing the level of maintenance and safety checks and hiring inexperienced crews for low wages. With the amount of marine traffic off the southern China coast, it’s no wonder it leads the world in shipwrecks.

In other words, a picture of this South China Sea Triangle would have three cut corners.

While this area has often been called the Devil’s Sea or the Dragon’s Triangle and some of the wrecks, like those in the Bermuda Triangle, have been blamed on paranormal activity or methane gas releases, the bean counters at the insurance company know the real reason why shipping policies cost so many tons of beans. The real devil in this triangle is the same one that causes most of the problems in the world … greedy humans.