A Missing Plane From 1955 Landed After 37 Years – Riddle of Missing Flight 914

Mysterious Pan American Flight 914 landed after 37 years of disappearance | Time travel or Time lapse?

A missing plane from 1955 landed after 37 years. Riddle of flight 914,Time-Travel or Time-laps? Pan american flight 914 took off in 1955 but landed after 37 years. plane took off from New York and was supposed to land in miami but landed in carcas,Venezuela south america 1800 kilometer ahead of its destination in 1992.

There were 57 passengers and five flight personnel on this plane. Eye witness Juan de la Corte and conversation between pilot and control tower is evidence pilot also had calendar of 1955.

September 9, 1990, Caraga Venezuela South America.

A long Douglas-type aircraft suddenly appeared over Caracas airport. The airport’s radar could not find the plane after the Pilot called the airport control tower asking where they were..