A Mindblowing Analysis of The Matrix Trilogy and Its Hidden Messages


On September 15, 2012, researcher Mark Passio gave a detailed presentation that outlined the deeper meanings that were hidden within the Matrix trilogy. The presentation was held at “Liberties” in Philadelphia and was one of the lead-up events for the 2013 Free Your Mind Conference.

The presentation delves into how concepts like authority, truth and individualism were depicted through symbolism and allegory and discusses some of the underlying themes that are relevant for all three films. Each film was very carefully created, with every bit of dialogue and every scene carefully planned to paint the big picture.

The presentation ends with a message of hope, showing that human beings do have the power to escape the matrix if they actually put their minds to it.

It doesn’t matter how big of a fan you are, you are guaranteed to learn something new in this presentation.
Mark Passio will also be joining dozens of other great speakers to discuss these topics, and many other issues that are facing our world at this time.