A Millionaire Spent Years Building A Full-Scale Ark – The Inside Is What’s Truly Mindblowing


This is the type of feat that you can barely wrap your head around. A carpenter from the Netherlands actually has recreated Noah’s Ark and the massive end result is totally amazing.

The first question is who comes up with the idea to actually recreate Noah’s Ark? And then who actually goes through with the painstaking process of getting it right and scaling it to such massive size?

His name is John Huibers and the idea actually came to him in a dream. When he began making the dream a reality, he was deemed crazy. All the naysayers are now eating their words while dropping their jaws at John’s end result.

This is no run-of-the-mill carpenter. This guy set out to build a modern day Noah’s Ark!

The idea appeared to him in a dream. It soon became his mission to make the dream a reality.

It is bigger than a football stadium and can actually house 5,000 people.

The ark took three years to create.

Now it’s time to take it out. He plans on setting sail for a 6,000 mile journey to share the ark with the world.