A Look At Dr. Michael Everest Helping Veterans Throughout The Years

Being a veteran puts you in harm’s way. You run a risk of getting into a lot of harmful situations that might leave you with severe injuries like musculoskeletal injuries or spinal complications. This is because most of the time at war veterans are exposed to mines and bombs that might either kill them or leave them with permanent injuries. This is what drives The Everest Foundation to help these heroes. Through its Chairman Dr. Michael Everest helping veterans by treating them of these severe injuries that they get while in combat. He has become the voice of veterans too.

Most veterans sent to the Middle East to regions like Iraq, Afghanistan, or Vietnam are exposed to highly radioactive and toxic elements. Most of them end up developing cancers, which can be quite fatal. The Everest Foundation started an initiative to fund cancer research and develop solutions that might help these affected individuals.

He believes that stem cell technology is the solution to treating cancer. That is why, through his foundation, he funds all the research on this technology to help these veterans and the large population. Cancer is a global problem; it affects anyone anywhere without discrimination of race, religion, or profession.

Some veterans do get spinal injuries while in combat that either leaves them paralyzed or in a lot of pain. For this reason, Dr. Michael Everest took up the initiative to fund research on solutions to spinal injuries.

Through his partnership with the Icahn School of medicine, they have been able to engineer an exoskeletal device that has helped many veterans walk again. This has been a breakthrough in the medical world to see paralyzed veterans be able to use their limbs again. This is one of the things that drives what he does, to see people happy and back on their feet.

Through his sacrifices, he has been acknowledged as a patriot.

Veterans are the true representation of patriotism; they sacrifice their lives for the country’s peace and prosperity. Dr. Michael Everest exhibits the character of true patriotism through the sacrifices he makes for the well-being of these country heroes. He believes that through extensive medical research, he will be able to relieve suffering in the world. Through his foundation, he has been able to fund several medical schools in their research projects and offer scholarships to students to pursue their dreams of being good doctors. Through this initiative, he has been acknowledged as a true patriot in his country.

Musculoskeletal and spinal injuries make the lives of veterans quite hard. They are unable to live their life normally like they used to because of these dire conditions that they get from going to war. Dr. Michael Everest has made it his life mission to find ways to make the lives of these veterans easier, through extensive research on the treatment of these injuries.

His breakthrough came in with developing an exoskeletal device that makes it possible for paralyzed individuals to walk again. Many injured veterans could benefit from the program and go back to living their lives normally again.

He has also been involved in other research projects like nanotechnology, stem cell technology, organ transplant, and 3D technology. These projects are the future of the medical world, and many people are bound to benefit from the success of these projects. This is what Dr. Michael Everest aims to achieve with funding these projects, quality health care for veterans, and people at large.