A-List Celebs Who Are Accused Of Sexual Assaults Are Now Getting Trolled On Twitter

Sexual assault allegations on Kevin Spacey has put the 50 Shades of Hollywood in the spotlight. It has brought in front of the world which was in the shadows for too long. Women of Hollywood and others are coming out to talk about celebrities who tried to get physical with them in non-consensual ways.

It all started with Kevin Spacey who also released an apology from his official Twitter account when he got exposed by actor Anthony Rapp.

Then a few days ago five women stepped forward and accused American-Mexican comedian CK Louis of sexual misconduct with them, to which the comedian responded stating, “These Stories Are True.”

People were still trying to understand these two cases when suddenly a man has now come in front who has accused George Takei of groping him in 1981.

George Takei accused of his 1981 deed.

Former male model, Scott R. Brunton has accused George Takei of sexually assaulting him 36 years ago in the year 1981.

Scott R. Brunton shares:

George, 40, groped Scott, 23, at his building’s condo. At that time, Brunton was still at the initial level of his career, looking for a significant break.

Social media has flooded with George Takei tweets, and Twitteratis are trolling him like anything.

A statement has come from Scott that says, “He was very good at consoling me and understanding that I was upset and still in love with my boyfriend, he was a great ear. He was excellent about me spilling my heart on my sleeve,” reports Hollywood Reporter.

Referring to Kevin Spacey’s iconic words “I chose to live as gay man,” a user trolled Takei.

Former model, Brunton reports that George invited him to his ‘Star Trek’ party for a drink and that’s when it all happened. He adds further, “After my second drink at the condo, I started to feel disoriented, dizzy and then passed out, the next thing I remember is George was around me with my pants down to my ankle” reports HuffPost.

A tweet from President Trump’s supporter and Democratic Party opponent.

Although, any statement from George Takei and his representative is yet to come; we say the story doesn’t end here, as the news is coming that Warner Bros. has suspended ‘Supergirl,’ and ‘Flash’ Showrunner.

The latest reports from Hollywood are coming that Warner Bros. has initiated an investigation into the company against their executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg who is suspended till the time it continues.

It is reported that multiple women in the organization have accused him of sexually touching them.

It seems Twitteratti are enjoying these back to back sexual revelations…

As one Twitteratti commented, “At a certain point, Hollywood is simply going to run out of men.”

While another user, John tweeted:

“Movies and television will never be the same.” How true is that? Let’s find out.

In other case, CK Louis has come in front to respond to women who accused him.

In short, about the sexual misconduct allegation which five women have put on him; CK Louis has said,“These stories are true,” reports New York Times.

Kevin Spacey is facing a hard time for being honest.

Bryan Cranston, who once kissed James Corden openly has given a statement which says, “Kevin Spacey is a good actor, but he is not a very good person. His career is over.”

Bryan released this statement after the announcement from another man who accused Spacey of groping, making him the 15th man to do so.

Meanwhile, Kevin Spacey is cut off from his film and is replaced by Christopher Plummer.

Will they come out clean?

Kevin Spacey, Kreisberg, CK Louis and maybe George Takei in the days to come will have to go through a lot and we’re still to see if any of them can come out clean here.

I’m not stating or trying to defend these men for the deeds they’ve done, but is destroying someone’s career just on the basis of claims and that too after decades, correct? We want to know your views on it.



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