A Hidden Camera Catches An Elephant Doing Something Scientists Have Never Seen Before


People are encouraged to take care of the Earth not only for the human race, but for all the critters and creatures that call this great planet home.

But who knew that the animals might want to help out this whole time? A surveillance camera recently caught an elephant doing something incredible on tape to help clean up our world – just wait till you see this!

Large, wild animals aren’t an unusual sight at the Thornhill Safari Lodge in Limpopo, South Africa – but they usually don’t help clean up like this big guy.

They captured a massive elephant picking up some trash, a pretty bizarre occurrence in itself. But what happens next is truly amazing.

Somehow the elephant knew to throw it in the trash can, even using his feet to help gather up all the garbage and dispose of it in the proper container – something that most adult human seem frustratingly incapable of doing.

Hopefully this video will inspire anyone who litters or doesn’t recycle to ask themselves the question: is a wild elephant better at throwing away garbage than I am? This guy isn’t even cleaning up his own garbage – he’s cleaning up ours.

Have you ever seen a wild animal do anything like this?